#989-991 – good to let it out

There is a big bunch of new original art in the store, if you'd like a page for your collection! Pages from November to now have been added. Check 'em out here.

30 thoughts on “#989-991 – good to let it out

  1. Be careful what you want from The Mobby. You can't handle the Mobby.

  2. Hey! I never get here this early! Awesome comic Meredith, keep up the good work!

  3. man that shift in panels to show the passage of time was genius. and the colours are as glorious as ever

  4. What a world of difference we're seeing the beginnings of compared to 10 years ago: http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-05-21/004-the-crai

    1. They've both changed a LOT. Wonder how long in the story has passed between these two strips.

      1. Actually, I'd love a note from Meredith explaining how much time has passed since the initial Hannah moves in with Eve point in the timeline. Five years? 10 years? I've been reading since college and I old now…

    2. Wow, looking back, Dawn pretty much set off the entire plot of the comic.

  5. "Have you been to Brooks Brothers recently? Tell me about the time they first opened. I'm sure you remember, right?"
    "Eve, please."

  6. Meredith, you are killing it!

  7. Love how the two of them have come full circle since the beginning!

  8. Also: “I’ve been having sex for a million years”: Nice callback to the “now that’s an orgasm!” strip. 😉 And did MomNing actually break into Chinese for a “dirty word concept”?

    1. Definitely not something that someone would break into Chinese for. More likely she was saying it quietly.

      1. Especially not a Chinese *parent*…

        In any case, Dawn seems to be written more as a second-generation+ immigrant, whereas her husband seems to be written as first-generation.

        Plus Eve can only count to ten in Chinese. http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-04-18/134-count-to

        (Re: this interaction, Hanna's off-handed dismissal of Eve's cultural commentary on Chinatown's gentrification has always struck me as a douchebag move, and low-key racist. Dismissing someone's claim to ethnic community based on how well they can speak the heritage language is pretty shitty, and it's definitely not for Hanna to judge or decide.)

        1. eh as a third gen myself I don't see much wrong with it. Identity politics is annoying as fuck, and no one wants to hear you gripe about something especially when they know you're griping just to gripe (Which early eve did – a lot)

        2. Yo "identity politics" are broad enough to contain all of us.

          Recognizing that N+ gen immigrants have a unique identity doesn't mean prescribing that identity to everyone in the category. Disavowal and disaffection are also part of the immigrant experience. It's totally cool to be a disaffected third gen – but why not leave room for everyone else, too?

          Your gripes show your stripes.

  9. I really, really like the panel where her mom says she couldn't cry even when she wanted to as a girl. It really speaks so much in such a small moment. Meredith is definitely one of those writers that really carefully compact the dialogue while putting in as much information into a single panel as possible. Beautiful writing. And I really loved this whole update, it hit me in the feels. ;v;* Meredith, you sly, sly fox of feels-inducing powers. <3

    1. I like the fact that Eve said almost the exact same thing before: http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-05-23/904-905-know

  10. This!!! Omfg thisss!!!! One of the many reasons I say peoole should read this webcomic. Another page i love!

    1. I thought she was saying that quietly, to be discreet, which of course makes the "SEXUAL" part of the phrase all the more intense, and embarrassing to hear.

  11. Hey, Eve! You think you're so smart, but MY mom still has her plates from Woolworth's!

  12. Oh god this is such a thing. Lol. And then sometimes they want to talk to you about the grand narrative of *their* life and you just want toothpaste.

    …kinda gotta ditch the toothpaste at those moments tho.

  13. "Mom we have to talk as women, full grown adult women."

    "Okay well once I had sex-"

    "MOM NO"

  14. I often don't see eye to eye with my mum either, but as we both get older we get better at finding a middle ground. This one hit me right in the heart, thanks Meredith.

  15. Jennifer Shemanski

    I miss walbaums.

  16. Wait, A&P closed down??

  17. *flashes back to when Hanna tried to convince Mrs. Ning that Eve was still a virgin*

  18. Woah. I forgot how much Dawn reminds me of my own mom. Her way of phrasing things, the way their relationship works, even down to the aloe vera tissues.


    I mocked them all before. NOW I AM ONE!! NOooooo!

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