#987 + 988 – this conversation

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25 thoughts on “#987 + 988 – this conversation

  1. That last panel. You can feeeeeeeeel the squirm.

  2. Aww, such a sweet way to miss the point!

  3. It's funny how significant this kind of conversation can feel to the kid, while the parent is basically oblivious. I don't the think most parents fully expect (or even want) their children to relate to then as fellow adults. I'm 40 and have a great relationship with my parents, but they still sometimes see me as a kid.

    1. It works both ways. When I visit my parents I'm just the kid again, letting them take the initiative in what we do together and such. One time when I was house-sitting for a couple of days I prepped stuff for a nice dinner when they got back, and Mom took over actually cooking it as usual and they instinctively discussed reimbursing me for the cost until I put my foot down. I don't think any of us realized how much it shapes things until one time Mom was in town up here and we met for coffee. Completely different dynamic, we could actually chat, and it felt much more adult.

    2. Man I'm 24 and I skated thru teendom without parental angst and now I'm back at home and it is KILLING ME and your post does not fill me with hope for the future.

      1. Eh, it's not so bad — like I said, I have a great relationship with my parents. By and large, they recognize me as an adult. It's just that periodically they forget that I'm a grown-ass man who's been taking care of his own life since he was 19. 🙂

  4. Eve's face in the last panel is probably the deadpaniest deadpan ever deadpanned.

  5. Alexander Swenson

    oh god oh no I'm going to be this mom and I hate it >_>

  6. this series is literally just my last weekend visiting back home O.O

  7. So…so…close…and then…

  8. "We rehearsed this a million times in my head, Mom, what's wrong with you?!"


  10. Mobby.

    Mobby no.

  11. And just like that all of the heat and air went out of the room

  12. Never has an undrawn face been more expressive. It's nothing short of art, the way these feelings are conveyed.

  13. I really really love that last panel, oh my god. You expect it to be a shot of Eve's reaction but instead it's her mom's face, and somehow you can feel her reaction ANYWAY, what with the pregnant pause and the very subtle difference in her mom's expression

  14. Everyone should thank their mom for "having them".

  15. Oh, Mobby. You almost got it… so close…

  16. That is the most Asian mom response ever and I love it

  17. Ah yes, the conversation wherein your parent reveals exactly how little they actually know about you. That terrifying moment. I know those well.

  18. I think also Eve at this age to tell her Mom she knows what it's like to experience divorce and raising children on an independent salary and the strange form of isolation that comes from that is kind of, wrong? I'm glad she appreciates her Mom for what she's done finally and understands all the pain and fear that must have come with it, but I think in her mother's head as much as Eve think she gets it, she doesn't. She's experiencing an entirely different existence from her daughter.

  19. The last few panels are so intense it's easy to forget that: Eve's mom is clearly one of those people who just can't settle down and talk to you, which damn but that is a realistic character trait, and, that Eve's mom just asked her if she was "on the lam" which is… really funny.

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