#977 – what’s next

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  1. Last panel – my wife and I, working from home.

  2. I've never seen Jane channel so much Hannah before

    1. I wish she could have time though.

  3. Roflol That is the best ever!

  4. Hmm I dunno. It feels like Jane is deflecting the convo with sex. (A la Eve a few weeks back.) But I worry this one won't turn out as happily in the end as Eve and Will did.

    ORRRRR I could be wrong! I hope!

    1. I think this is just how Jane responds! I think she is into it. She has a lot of feelings too, but she's not as into expressing them directly as Mar is. Remember on their first date, when they were both super anxious, but Mar talked about it and Jane was like "yeah I guess a bit, whatev!"

      1. I'm hoping your right. This certainly does seem like a positive response, but she hasn't actually, vocally said "yes/no" yet.

        1. It could also be that this is the start of the conversation — that would be a little closer to experiences I've had in my life. To me the important thing is that Jane is responding positively when Mar brings up commitment. And leaning in for a kiss is certainly more romantic than saying "Thanks for suggesting that! I'll have to think about, review my lease, and speak with my roommates…" etc etc etc. They don't need to rush 🙂

  5. Where exactly does Marigold live? Like why is it weird that people actually live in her building(my first instinct when I read the page from some days ago was whoa mar lives in the empire state building- I'm a naive non-american lol).

    1. Few different reasons. One: a TON of housing in Manhattan is owned by foreign residents who spend little or no time there but retain the property as an investment, so a lot of luxury buildings are actually mostly empty (this is a source of constant frustration to people who would like to live in the city but aren't, you know, mega-rich). Two: an awful lot of the bigger buildings could either be office or housing space, and it's frequently hard to tell from the ground (or roof). Three: the people on the roof might've just been oblivious. 🙂

      1. So, is it common to have a roof with spots to rent by the hour in Manhattan ? It's… such an alien concept for me, who lives in a fairly grey, fairly cold country…

        1. I wouldn't go with common, tho I last lived in NYC in 2009 so maybe it's all over the place now, but it's not unheard of, especially if the building has retail space on the ground floor. For example I've been to a few rooftop bars that were on top of mixed-use residential/commercial buildings. Didn't have to rent the space tho, unless you count paying for drinks!

      2. i thought mar lives in downtown brooklyn, which in many areas is full of high-rise luxury buildings that also sometimes charge for roof-access. those high-rises are also either sitting empty or pied-a-terres bc who the hell can afford those apartments when we're in an affordable housing crisis here…

        1. I'm actually wondering how Mar can afford it

        2. Oh, is she in Brooklyn? I thought she'd moved to Manhattan to be closer to work, but since I think Jane's coffee shop is in Brooklyn, and we've seen Mar walk to it from work, you're probably right. Still, as you point out, it's mostly the same situation either way.

        3. I thought she lived right on broadway or something — I remember there being a view from outside her window of all the posters of musicals and theaters. Did she move, or am I horribly wrong?

  6. My favorite part of this comic is Mar's little shrug in panel four. Nice, real, human touch.

    1. Yes – that lovely little shrug, and I can't get over those glasses!

  7. "also my knitting predicted the flames of chaos utterly decimating the very fabric of society and all we hold dear, so yeah we should probably move out of downtown."

  8. This page is so beautiful, so warm and close. I can practically feel myself in the scene.

    Man, I've been reading Octopus Pie for years. Watched it and the characters joke and grow. Seeing it all come to an end makes me so melancholy. Getting what feels like closure on their lives. No happy ending but pleasant presents and hopeful futures. The sweater is nearly done, huh?

  9. Jane is seriously threatening to drop some stitches on that sweater.

  10. I'm going to take a page from Marigold's book and get really heartfelt and sincere here to say that in the middle of a truly scary time, Jane & Mar mean a lot to me as a gay woman. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

  11. I really hope their relationship works out… All the doom and gloom in the comments D:

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