#976 – blended invisibly

28 thoughts on “#976 – blended invisibly

  1. Where did the right sleeve go?

    1. *razzes u and fixes it*

  2. *Chanting and smashing fists on table*
    DO IT
    DO IT
    DO IT
    DO IT

  3. SO many updates lately. Meredith and Val, whatever did we do for you to spoil us like this? <3

    1. I didn\’t post anything during the holidays, so that\’s probably it lol.

  4. "You wouldn't get to do that awesome tracking shot through all those different rooms every time you get home, but…"

  5. Holy heck, a new page? You're definitely spoiling us 😀

  6. really hope she says "yes" on the next page…

  7. Oh my gosh so many awesome story lines going on right now! Too much to take! But please don't stop!

  8. I'm so happy. Marigold making a sweater for Will was the catalyst of their breakup and Jane here is so touched. I love the writing <3

    1. Do you have a link for that page? I'd love to revisit. (Any excuse to reread OP)

      1. http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-11-24/417-jump-in-

        Found it for ya – it's just a one-off line.

        1. Heh heh in that strip "Will can go jump in a lake"
          Nicely done… http://www.octopuspie.com/2016-08-13/932-933-unho

        2. How do you people remember all this stuff?

  9. oh nooooooo I knew it… as a seasoned uhaul lesbian, DON'T

    1. What's a uhaul lesbian? One who moves around a lot so you kind of "live" out of a uhaul?

      1. Someone who moves in with her partner way too early in the relationship.

        There's a slightly offensive joke that goes like this:
        What does a lesbian bring to a second date? Answer: A u-haul.
        What does a gay guy bring to a second date? Answer: What second date?

      2. It means that since there's such a small pool of lesbians, they move in together way too quick for various reasons.

        1. But they've already been together for 10 years in lesbian time!

      3. Old joke.

        Q: What do gay guys bring on the second date?
        A: What second date?

        Q: What do lesbians bring on the second date?
        A: A U-Haul.

      4. haha you're cute.

        It comes from the joke "What does a lesbian bring to a second date?" "A UHaul"

    2. Half of my brain is saying that you're right and they shouldn't be rushing into things.
      The other half is like: https://d3spquiph2sexc.cloudfront.net/assets/clea

  10. I'm thankful for Jane. Thanks for Jane.

  11. You can see the expression in the top two panels, like "I'm wearing the weight of all your love!"

    …and then she adds asking her to live with her…

    …could be easy to feel smothered.


  12. "Is cohab in yer vocab?"

  13. It occurs to me these two old ladies may have been an adorable foreshadowing device. http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-03-08/760-what-a-l

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