#974 – all those buildings

Rooftop space rentals were a hot item in the hub Brooklyn neighborhoods when I wrote this, part of NY's ever-expanding tapestry of alienation. Mar pays the price for living in a glass box in the sky: the creeping awareness that she's just one wave in an endless assault on habitability.

6 thoughts on “#974 – all those buildings

  1. With all due respect, this strip highlights yet another reason why I'm glad to find a place in the burbs. I find city people to be–for reasons like these–insufferable.

    1. Wait… those are city people to you? They struck me as tourists. Mar is the only clear city person there, being, you know, a resident.

      1. I guess I should follow up on my "seemed like tourists" with an explanation as well: "those buildings are new" makes it sound like she last visited the building–and therefore possibly the city–a year or more ago.

      2. You could see them as tourists. I saw them as city people who want the city to remain exactly as it was at some point in their minds.

    2. Lived in Manhattan for a year and I don't remember ever meeting anyone like those people — of course we spent nearly every free minute in Central Park bird watching, so its just possible we had an atypical experience of NYC 😀

  2. I love octopus pie so much, but it’s hard to read all the city hate in these comments. New York City is hurting right now. So many people I know and love have have gotten sick, lost jobs, or their long-time businesses are struggling. For some people the city is a way station and that’s totally okay but for many of us it’s home, and we’re emotionally invested in our communities here. Normally the criticism doesn’t matter (people hate on the city a lot I guess), but during a pandemic that has really hurt us, it just sucks to see this varied and complex place meet with blanket contempt from commenters on a comic ABOUT the city.

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