#973 – eve’s thing

I was using a Bullet Journal at the time, and it seemed appropriate for Marigold, too. Actually, more so for her: crafting, doodling, and prettying-up only go so far with me. Another example of Mar taking on the most basic parts of me, and finding contentment with them. Her little pause regarding the invitation mirrors Hanna's, an atomized acknowledgment of the very same feeling.

10 thoughts on “#973 – eve’s thing

  1. This strip is why I bought my friend a bullet journal; she really reminded me of Marigold and was going through similarities as her character arc progressed. Here's hoping it works for her!

  2. "I don't normally get too political on here, but"

    One of many ways that 2016 energy is different from 2020 energy, despite having similarly apocalyptic vibes.

  3. Okay, I'm able to accept the fact that somehow I've gone this far without learning Hanna's surname.

    1. I should tell you how long it took me to realize what Eve's full name was… 😐

  4. I've been crying a lot during the apocalypse, but have I been doing it mindfully?

  5. “Tell parents re: gay” is one of the best things you wrote here. <3

  6. This strip introduced me bullet journals in the first place, which I still use!

  7. This page is what inspired me to get my own bullet journal, and I still haven't run out of pages on the first one I grabbed! Still haven't come out to my parents though…

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