#963 + 964 – objectively horrible idea

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  1. I love this, reminds me of long cartrips with my friends. You learn so many new things about each other because sometimes there's nothing better to do than tell stories and just talk. I'm so happy eve and will are opening up to each other like this!

  2. Precious babies :3

  3. Observation: it took me a while to realize that while I can see the winding road in the background, I never see the car.

  4. They say you learn something new every day, and now I know which drug "Molly" is a nickname for.

    Octopie is the comic that keeps on giving!

    Honestly though, another fabulous strip, loving the openness Eve and Will have goin' on here. As long as it doesn't turn out one of them has like, killed someone or something. That may be a tad hard to laugh off.

    1. I had to hit Urban Dictionary for both "molly" and "rolling". Back in my day, I don't think there was a separate word for an Ecstasy trip, mumble grumble lawn kids clouds… 😉

      1. I'm just surprised there's a new word for ecstasy. Why would you pick a less-cool word, youngsters?

        1. "Why would you pick a less-cool word, youngsters?" Hahaha 😀

  5. Assuming some of these are unused storylines.

  6. All this lead up in the background to realize how close they are skidding to a cliff, but veer away at the last moment and stay on the road. METAPHORS.

  7. I'm guessing that Eve's "reverse Parent Trap" admission is a story that Meredith considered doing and eventually decided not to do. Happy to see it's now canon!

    1. Now that you mention it I'm thinking all of these are rejected storylines -"conceptually interesting [as a plotlin]" "it would have been way to dark [as a flashback]"

    2. that would have been an amazing chapter

  8. Well, that explains some of the flashbacks and Will/Marek's awkwardness towards each other. Always hard to stay good friends with someone after random confusing make outs.

    I wonder what Will's actual relationship with his family is like. His last comment makes it seem like he's not actually estranged from them/it's worse than that.

  9. Oh God! Is that route 9 in Bear Mountain?? I accidently found myself on that road once coming home from upstate and it scared the crap out of me. Insane cliff drop off to the right, extremely sharp turns to the left, into oncoming traffic, that conveniently were so sharp that I couldn't see where I was turning into because the I-beam of the car blocked the view! Terrifying! I would have to lean into the center of each turn. I hste that road. -_- (That said, awesome page.)

    1. I think it is! I grew up in the Hudson Valley and so just seeing roads I know drawn and colored so beautifully in my favorite web comic is absolutely awesome!

  10. I image a Jewgaze band would just wear yarmulkes and gaze at the audience adoringly.

  11. Molly, like any other drug, is generally more awesome when you're fully aware of having taken it.

  12. Jew gaze? Is that a Klesmer version of "shoe gaze" music? Fuzzed clarinets and distorted fiddlers on the roof? Music that gets faster and faster, but has no discernible rhythm? xD xD xD o.0

  13. I KNEW IT!!!!! I fucking knew it. Good that Hannah and WIll are still buddies though.

  14. Wow look at all these negative points from ALL THE SQUARES

    1. On their way to the square convention…

  15. Thinking it was kind of a dumb move for Will to reveal the thing about Hanna — especially this early on in them really getting to know each other. The look on Eve's face suggests it might become a point of insecurity if it's not handled right, on both sides. AND WILL I don't think just blurting it out like that, uickly changing the subject, and being all weird and confusing about how serious you were being is the right way to broach it!

  16. What on earth is "jewgaze" and do i want to know?

  17. I didn't take in the background until about the third time looking at the comic. That is absolutely stunning — well above and beyond the call of duty for this medium.

    As someone who spent four years writing and illustrating a Web comic, during which time I produced about 4 attractive panels, I truly envy your artistry.

  18. Wow… funny stories an out accidentally taking e… that takes me back. So in highschool (2000ish) at a concert someone came by selling "rolls." Thinking to myself, "joints are rolled" I flag him down and alas, he drops a small pill in my hand. After some confusion and further investigation I figure out what I just puchased. Welp bottoms up. That was fun,

    A week later I fell I'll with shihles. That sucked. A few years later I find out mdma can cause herpes outbreaks…. the scientific name for shingles is herpes zoster… hmmm. So get your shots, those of you who had chicken pox as kids (shingles is a mutated form of the chicken pox virus, I ya didn't know)

    Ten years later I had some e that I put in an old empty bottle of melatonin. My gilfriend at the time was having trouble sleeping and saw the bottle, but and popped one. (The bottle was meticulously hidden so how she came across I don't know) needless to say she did not sleep that night.

    Moral of the stories, always know what you're taking, and always know about what you take before you take it (and not some nonsensical bs you heard from a random stoned dude, but actual knowlege, from a book. A non fiction pharmacology book preferably, not some made up crap like Go Ask Alice)

  19. Don't do drugs, kids.

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