#962 – chapter 10

14 thoughts on “#962 – chapter 10

  1. "We're gonna bone ON IT instead!"

  2. That first panel, and the feeling of late summer nights is beautiful. As is the familiarity and warmth between these two.

    Every page feels like a gift, thank you again for sharing them with us, Meredith.

  3. Cut to the first panel of the next page where Eve and Will are totally boning in the back of that hatchback.

  4. This page is so deep… Then I read that last line and broke into laughter. xD

  5. At least pull over first.

    1. So little imagination.

  6. Nah, they're gonna bone *on* it.

    Every feasible exterior surface is going to be besmirched.

    1. +5 for besmirched

  7. We're all turning into our moms

  8. I love verisimilitude of the flow from "deep and heartfelt" to "don't bone in the hatchback"…

  9. love how you display the little intimacies and convey so much in conversation without actively explaining what's happening.
    I yet again empathize with Hannah, trying to reconnect with my mum over the past year or so and it's like I've picked up a whole new book entirely.
    Thank you for this gift.
    Once I'm actually able to afford Rent and groceries in the same month I will certainly be pledging.

  10. Hannah pleading with Eve not to do something taboo and Eve scolding her for her vanilla perspective. How far have we come from those first few pages way back when?
    It all feels like an ending – an amazing, incredible one, I don't doubt for a second, but one about which I won't be able to be anything other than utterly despondent.

  11. The leaning on the shoulders looks really nice and sweet.

  12. I'm so touch and affection starved that I envy the little displays of friendships, even Hanna's head resting on Eve's shoulder.

    And, man, I'm so touched at how far their relationship came.

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