#965 + 966 – everywhere

Thanks for waiting dear sweet readers! I just completed a move and got my internet back, and as such comics will resume.

19 thoughts on “#965 + 966 – everywhere


  2. Go Eve go leave your crappy job that you've had for an unfathomable amount of time

    1. Assuming she does not die of old age in this traffic first.

  3. I thought I was ready for the Marek breakup

    I thought I was ready for Eve and Will OTP

    But quitting Ollie…? I'M NOT READY

  4. Quitting the job the feels like the first gig you get in your 20's, that job that's confort and minimal income, feels and sounds like a gigantic step. Like said around here, it really feels like endgame stuff.

    The realization of the need for an action to set thing into motion for a change that aims for empowerment and independecy, the cumplicity in knowing what a relationship means, the decision to share you chaos with another person… They are growing, shit. I'm so happy, and so jealous…

    This is definitely my favorite webcomic, from characters and themes to art, format and feel. I'll def going to cry.

    1. hahah oh no I was so emotional writting this I didn't notice I butchered the english language here I'm so sorry you guys I'm brazilian and sometimes the typos + sounds just go way over me nooo

  5. This traffic is why I live out in the country.
    I took my wife to visit Seattle with a few of our friends and I thought I was going to have a fuckin' stroke from all the screaming I did at other drivers.

    1. Seattle? You're an amateur. I live in the DC metro, which, by some metrics, has the worst traffic problems in the country, beating out L.A. and even fucking New York.

      I work from home now, but it used to take me over an hour to commute from one Fairfax county, VA suburb to another (about 10 miles away) for work.

      Getting into the actual city is insane. It is impossible to get to work at 9am. And I mean against the laws of physics impossible. There's a sort of event horizon effect as you approach the city in the morning.

      There are people who commute into DC every day from West Fucking Virginia, 60+ miles out. They wake up at 4am to get to work at 6:30 or 7am; but at least they avoid rush hour, right?

      Wrong. Evening rush hour in DC starts at 2:30pm and ends at about 8pm.

      So, yeah. Traffic.

      1. Also currently living in the hellscape that is the Washington DC metro area, can confirm. 40 minutes for 11 miles and I'm considered lucky that my commute is so "short".

        And I'm a veteran of the Chicago traffic crunch AND the NYC clusterfuq. I have actually found myself relaxing, and even being cheerful on the Dan Ryan when I'm visiting my parents and have to drive during rush. I am zen when I have to drive through downtown Manhattan.

        And god forbid it snows in DC. All bets are off.

      2. It's actually West by God Virginia

  6. "Everywhere," she tells him, and even though the camera gives her plenty of time to qualify it or back up or even just twitch a little, she never does. She doesn't so much as blink.

  7. Eve may be leaving Olly's, but she's seriously projecting the spirit of Olly in the last panel…

    1. I need that panel on a postcard on my kitchen wall.

  8. Please mean what you say Eve. Fucking quit that job. Be free to pursue something more.

    Ollie knows it's coming too. In a way he's been pushing her in that direction without overtly saying it.

    But goddamn am I gonna have trouble holding back tears the final time Eve walks out the doors of Olly's Organics.

  9. Damn Eve's face so FIERCE

  10. What will Ollie do? Eve is like a son to him.

  11. Jane and Marigold, Eve and Will; all the ships are coming home.
    And getting stuck in the traffic.

    1. this is why many folks take the Love Train. Less traffic.

  12. "Everywhere the chaos goes" got me. That's love. Great job Meredith!

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