#945 – cute together

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20 thoughts on “#945 – cute together

  1. I love how the coloring shows that Will and Mrs. Thompson are hanging out in the shade.

    I also love how Mrs. Thompson is taking that shade and throwing it right at her daughter's last significant relationship. You can see where Hanna gets her tendency to think that she knows what's best for her friends, relationship-wise.

    1. Except Marek probably was better for Hanna, relationship-wise… Hanna was just afraid of starting a family.

      1. If you don't have the same stance on children as the person you're in a relationship with… that's gonna quickly not be the best relationship for you.

        1. This right here. Real hard to compromise on bringing another person into the world. Not like you can just give it back. And shocker, some people *really do not* want to do that

  2. No Eve it's not cancer it's just Athletes Foot. Don't you dare WebMD that shit!

  3. Eve: "I think I peed on my foot!"

    1. "From earlier. You remember, don't you Hanna? I was peeing."

  4. I forgot what the duck farms references.

      1. I can't read the words 'duck farm' without hearing the Ducktales theme song in my head & it's really annoying, especially as it's one of my favourite Marek moments.

        It's a, duck farm…

      2. thanks a lot! Now you've made me go and accidentally start re-reading the entire thing from there. Conversely, Thanks a Lot! It's always so rewarding to re-read this magnificent opus! For one, I think it's high time for a colored gander at Hanna's Bee-lightful tattoo, and for 2, perhaps with Marek out of the picture, the whole gang has drifted too far from the centering nature of the Revealed Mystery of the Duck. The Duck Seeks only Bread! Amen.

  5. I mean… I'm actually shocked that Will doesn't know it was mostly about the kids thing. I'm also surprised Hanna's mom never took their relationship seriously. I'm over-shocking myself here.

    1. It's really interesting how Meredith has shifted our perceptions of Hannah based on whose point of view we're seeing her through. When Eve and she first started rooming together, we were looking through Eve's eyes, and Hannah seemed like an immature stoner who had just happened to find a profession that made her enough money to get through life without taking it seriously.

      Then Eve got to know her better, and we got to see that Hannah had depths: she was loyal to her friends and really wanted them to be happy, and seemed to have her life together enough that she might be a good source for this kind of advice. Then, as her relationship with Marek ended and she grew apart from Marigold, we got to see Hannah really struggle and learn to grow up in significant ways.

      Now, we've briefly got a view of Hannah's life from her Mom's point of view, and…it's awfully similar to how Eve first viewed Hannah: her mom thinks her relationship with Marek was basically an extended post-college phase, and there's the suggestion that she hasn't been taking her life seriously enough (though Mrs. Thompson obviously doesn't want to say this to her directly). It's funny how all these points of view on Hannah are kind of true while no single one tells the whole story.

      1. So you're saying that…

        Implying that…


        …Hanna was the main character all along?

  6. whew, caught up! boy howdy may i just say that ive been wanting will and eve to try dating like,,, this entire time and i can already tell there will be some bumps but dang do i hope all these crazy kids find happiness

  7. Will looks so uncomfortable it makes me wanna take a shower

  8. I completely forgot about the ducks! *sigh* Not appreciating the nostalgia for Hanek here as it's making me all nostalgic for stupid ex boyfriend who knew how to make me giggle but not much else. crap. yeah.. PMS can go fuck itself.

    on another note- love that Hannah's mum has a lab at home.

  9. maybemaybemaybemaybe

    What does he mean by "Nothin' I can't handle!"?

  10. oh my gosh, Hanna's mom is so cute. Love the last panel!

  11. The pink-toned shade hair is, like, the rightest color choice there has ever been. Great work, Valhalla!

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