#302 – unfathomable

June 15th, 2009

#302 – unfathomable

Today’s comic was drawn at my going-away party, thrown by some local friends who I will miss very much. It was a good night.


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  1. Jonboy says:

    Now this strip I loved. Awesome Dialogue all round. Hanners really does shine in these social predicaments.

  2. Scott says:

    Top notch, as always

  3. ladymercury says:

    @ Jonboy: Hanners? Been reading lots of QC have you?

    Nice one, Mer. The first two panels would have been brilliant even as a standalone. Take care and hope you settle in fine!

  4. kookyslook says:

    Wow, I have apparently been reading a lot of QC myself. I didn't even pick up on the Hannelore-exclusive nickname. I knew it was Hanna. Are all my favorite webcomics merging???

    ::dramatic reverb::

  5. SCHWOAH says:

    THE Blahblahblah? England's top rising DJ troupe? Nice.

  6. Almost Literally says:

    I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet…so I will go ahead. Last panel = Amazing. I love Hanna and Marek in panel three.

    Jonboy – Hanners? Really? XD Hannelore is my favorite QC character, and Hanna is my favorite Octopie character. Hanna is no Hanners. If Hanna had a nickname, I'd say it would be what Meredith put on the list of characters, Hanna "Bis". I found that hilarious.

  7. Zen says:


    That method actually works. Point-in-case, my friend. Yes, he's a dumbass for getting back with her, but asking him to hang out once a week put her on edge so much so that she tried to absorb ALL of his time, and he wasn't having any of it. So they split. Temporarily, but they split. The friend approach, it works. xDD

  8. Dell says:

    I feel like I'm going to LIKE this arc. It's eagerness to genius hangs in the air.

  9. clayton says:

    God I love Hanna in the last panel so much. This is half of why octo-pie is my favorite comic, the characters are just so fun to look at.

  10. MrScriblam says:

    that was a fun party

  11. elliott says:

    yay, you are moving to portland! with about 10 days of experience here under my belt, i can offer an exhaustively comprehensive review/judgement – it's awesome.

    also, a while back you mentioned something about a potential internship or something of the like? i don't think i ever heard back from you about it :) thanks :)

  12. MerchManDan says:

    Yikes. Friendship of DOOOOOM!!! (doomship? friendoom?…help?)

  13. BG says:

    you know, I've been on a pastry kick lately.. and I know the Japanese like to cook octopus in some sort of doughy ball form.. what if I were to embark on making a savoury "octopus pie"…for real? O_o

  14. silentwolfe85 says:

    I've been following octopus pie for the last few months….. and I have to say that I'm slightly excited to have an artist/writer that I enjoy moving to my adopted home town. I moved to Portland, OR last August and I'm slowly falling more and more in love with the whole area. Welcome to stumptown/PDX/Rose Ctiy/Bridge City/etc./etc….. maybe i'll run into you in one of the many many great dive bars here

  15. srab says:

    marek in a vest! *swoon*

  16. Luna says:

    Aaaaaw I don't get all this Park hate. I quite like him!

    Other than that, panels 1 and 2 are awesome!

  17. Apocryphon says:

    Please don't let Park be like a typical Asian-American male character who ends up losing his love interest.

  18. reynard61 says:

    Eek! Scary Hanna is Scary!!!

    P.S. Loved the QC shout out!

  19. Randall Drew says:

    New England will miss you. Hope you have an excellent moving experience (unfathomable, right?)

  20. Jonboy says:

    Heh. I happen to know a Hanna personally, and she has been hanners for some time. All hanna's are now Hanners! Oh yes, I love the QC Hanners too. (mabe more? She's a little more edgey.)

  21. BG says:

    You know, not to nag since Mer IS moving to another coast — but how do you get to the archive? the story guide/faq/cast tabs don't work. I suddenly have a desire to view the strip where Hanna was possessed by the green eyed monster!

  22. CJ says:


  23. Munkiman says:

    Ha, sixth panel seems like a preemptive reference to the Brownout Biscuit!