#303 – oh, hundreds

Since my drafting desk has been taken apart and placed on a pallet, I drew today's comic high school style: on the kitchen table! With any luck my little desk and other precious items make their way peacefully to the west. As I gear up for my cross-country move, here is your double heads-up: -I will be running a few (awesome) guest strips soon. -book/print orders will not ship until June 28th as I relocate my office. The latter does not apply to T-shirt orders, which Topatoco will happily ship as usual.

37 thoughts on “#303 – oh, hundreds

  1. Haha, Hanna makes up a story about a farm but they immediately dismiss it.

  2. It's the same farm she'll retire to to raise ducks!

  3. damn, some cannibiscuits sound good right about now

  4. Why do I get the terrible feeling that that poor dog is going to be dead halfway through the storyline…

  5. Oh. This can't possibly go wrong at ALL.

  6. Aw, Hanna's trying so hard to be nice to Park! Plus she looks specially cute in the second-last panel ^_^

    1. I don't think she's trying. I think it's part of her friendship of DOOM!!!

  7. Snowy? Did he inherit a pet from Tintin?

  8. Error 404: Can not find cannibiscuits. Did you mean: cannabiscuits? Cannabis + biscuits = cannabiscuits.

    1. Maybe it's a hybrid of cannabis, canine, and biscuits. Spelling crisis averted.


      1. my first thought was Cannibalism too >_> I should really read first before making assumptions about Hanna's darker side

        1. Who says your assumptions are wrong? >.>

  9. Yay – not only have I rec'd the glorious and much craved 3rd OP book (many thanks and even more style points) but the strip continues to keep ma belly shakin' with mirth!

    Kidding times a thousand makes my "try it out" list of sayings.

  10. The long hair on Hanna looks awesome, imho.

  11. Hilarity ensues!

    If Hanna gets Snowy stoned, she will surpass Marek in being my Brooklynian hero.

  12. I just noticed, Hanna has HUGE hands.

    That's a great reaction from Eve in panel four.

  13. Haha normally I don't like Hanna very much but she's really cute trying to be friendly.

  14. I'd love a Hanna-centered storyline! Just Hanna and the dog and delightful hijinks that will go so terribly wrong.

    This will equal win.

  15. Everybody needs a 303.

  16. Are cannibiscuits like Scooby Snacks?

  17. I love how horrified Eve looks in some of these panels.

  18. Eve's eyebrow concern in panel 5 is delightful. Meredith I'm so excited you're coming out to P-town! It rocks here 🙂

  19. I love the last panel. I can't remember seeing Hannah panic like that before.

    She looks really good in the last two panels, too.

    1. I concur. Panicking Hanna rocks, just like when she turned into the green-eyed jealous monster. I don't know what it is with Hanna breaking her nonchalant style, but it is hilarious.

  20. Eric – shouldn't that be P-land? Just askin'.

    P-town is what me & my friends call Provincetown, MA.

    It's the tip of land (opposite Boston) on Cape Cod. Very nice this time of year, of course…

  21. Hey, I don't know if you know, but the header is kinda broke for Safari 🙂

  22. *eats a hot dog to soak up the alcohol* HAHA! Kidding? Are you SURE? 1000x might not be enough!

  23. Oh, PLEASE let Snowy look just like Snowy. That would make Park so awesome.

  24. CHECK THAT OUT! Those drops of sweat are filled with AWKWARD!

  25. My shenanigans-sense is tingling!

  26. I love Hanna. Stoner girls kick ass. 8D

  27. I say Snowy dies while Park is away… just the way these things go…

    1. oh my… now that I read it, it sounds so cold. as if I wanted it. I don't. just that Park says, "he's old"…

      1. That sort of thing happened to my mom. That would be so terrible for Hanna.

  28. "kidding times a thousand" .. Hanna you geek! =P

  29. Snrrrk! Ha ha ha ha Ha! I LOVE Eve, in panel four!

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