#301 – reporter hat

Have a good weekend! Mine has started out busy, but here is a comic.

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  1. Is Hanna both happy and worried or something? It's hard to figure out, but maybe that's the point. 😛

    1. I think that's the "I'm trying to be nice because I like you, but I don't really like Park" face.

      1. Yeah, I've made that face before regarding MY roommate's boyfriend. That's probably what it is.

  2. That is one trippy lid Merek's got there.

  3. Lol, love the last panel 🙂

  4. Her parents probably always told her to stop making faces or they'll stick, but I doubt she ever listened.

  5. Shift, I'm pretty sure Hannah just can't stand Park.

    1. But why?

      Honestly, I've read this from the beginning, but I've forgotten by now who Park is.

      1. Crustimoney Proseedc

        Park is the Asian guy in panels 1-3 and 6: Eve's boyfriend.

  6. I can't help but relate this to Meridith's pending move to Portland, and the hints we've gotten on Twitter about how this is affecting her personal life. Eve of course will likely have a difficult decision to make. And so will Mer. Keep the strip in Brooklyn? Move it to Chicago? Move it to Portland? I can't wait to find out how this all works out.

  7. Haha, oh Hanna.. you're terrible.

  8. that face…it will haunt me to the end of my days.

  9. Her face is frozen in awkwardness. My condolences.

  10. @ Scott Beiser: Yeah I've been wondering the same thing.

    And that expression. It is perfection.

  11. You know, I really don't get why Hanna is so against Park. I mean, even beyond the 'old flame' issue… she should've gotten over it already, right? Not promoting Park by any means.. it's just silly on her part to be so awkward about it, lol.

  12. Is that someone asleep on the couch in the foreground of panel 1 there?

    Is this the same place as last strip? I'm all confuzzled.

    1. I think that's probably Park's grandma, in one of the earlier story lines it was shown he lives with her.

  13. My god, that face is making *me* feel awkward.

    Also: reporter hats are absolutely the best.

  14. Psh… I don't like Park anyway!

  15. C. Augusto Vald&eacu

    I am collecting evidence to show that Hanna is not a good person at all, she may be feisty and care free, but there's something dark lurking beneath…

  16. michelle4jerusalem

    insightful bunch, aren't you? yeah, i think that's the grandma in panel one and that hanna doesn't like park. i wanted eve to get together with park, but ultimately i feel like will is more right for her. will loved her for her personality, and allowed her to let it all hang out. i also question will's current relationship, and not just because it is not with eve.

  17. @ both michelles: I don't like Park much either. But as long as Eve is happy… I guess…

    Eve won't be Eve without Brooklyn. And Brooklyn won't be the same either 🙁

  18. HEY!

    How did you get a WordPress site to let you thread replies? Did that need some special mojo?

  19. I've always liked Evill (Eve x Will…sorry, I'm not into combining names like that…but I had to). Park kind of gets on my nerves too…I don't know why.

    This strip rocks. Hanna's expression is just waaaaaayyy too perfect. Also, I absolutely HAVE to pretend to be a reporter now. It is a moral imperative.

    1. I'm not into combining names either but I can't help but giggle when I combine Park & Eve to Peve (pronounced Peeve)

    2. an immoral imperative

  20. I'm always impressed with Marek's emotional range. In the span of a few moments, he goes from wearing an ear-to-ear grin to trembling in terror.

  21. I think the word y'all are looking for in regard to Park is "bourgeois." It's antithetical to Hanna's bohemianism.

    1. It might also have something to do with the fact that Park was a complete dick to her during the Laser Tag story arc. He pulled that whole unnecessary, sanctimonious speech about "I'm totally right for her, you're a bad friend, blah blah blah." The kind of crap you'd expect someone's awful girlfriend to pull on your guy pal, not the other way around.

      1. Agreed.

      2. Ahh…

        Where's the paypal tip-jar to vote for Park to run off to Chicago with America Fucking Jones?

  22. Park's kind of smarmy, and makes my skin crawl. Eve doesn't seem particularly happy or at ease with him either, I get the feeling she's with him mostly out of a sense of obligation to her cultural heritage and/or nostalgia.

  23. Nailed the expression Mer. Excellent.

  24. Okay, I am not one for commenting and I just started reading a couple days ago and am now caught up.

    But I have got to say, the nuances and attention to detail in this comic as a whole is mind blowing! I can read the same arc over and over and find new things to love. Eve's wet, dishevled hair. The towel around her neck. Little droplet of water in the close up.

    FUKKEN brilliant!

  25. Oh dang, I hope in saying that, Hanna doesn't mean her face got stuck! D:

  26. right now, I've been blasting through this like wildfire, this is honestly one of my my favorite webcomics I've had the pleasure to read in a long time. And I think I read a lot of webcomics! But at this point, there's only about 100 left until I have to wait on your schedule… it's sad

    anyway I love this comic don't stop I love you. i don't know why I don't see Meredith's name up there with Jeph Jacques and Kate Beaton, at least not as often as I should. You're a pro and you're great and okay I'll stop now keep it up

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