#300 – top candidate

New storyline time! I'm trying a bit of a heavier line this time around. I'm not too fond of the way image compression eats up the thin lines. Plus I think things may look a bit more iconic this way. And what's this? 300 comics! OP also turned 2 years old in May. Milestones!

47 thoughts on “#300 – top candidate

  1. Great, I love the look of the thicker line! And is it immature of me for my first thought to be, "OMG EVE-BOOBIES"?

    1. don't worry you're not the only one >_>

  2. haha this is such a cute comic. its nice seeing eve happy and getting some lovin from her man. 😛

  3. I love how Park's hair reacts realistically to being in the shower. That's how nerdy I am.

    1. Oh wow I just notices that! That's really cool. It shows the thoughtfulness of this comic. All in all, great comic! And darn cute to boot.

  4. I didn't know Eve listened to rap.

    1. She lives in New York, what else is for her to listen to?

      1. There's Punk and Goth and Metal…

        No, wait, that's musical necrophilia, isn't it? *dies*

      2. She lives in new york, she can listen to what ever she wants. It's a music metropolis.

  5. Great job on the thicker lines, I'm working on that myself . . . that's the thing about brushes, you're so careful not to go thick, that sometimes you forget how thick you need to go, lol. And great story start, I'm looking forward to it!

  6. I thought you meant a heavier story line!! :[

    Now I feel dumb. /slinks back into obscurity

    1. Maybe she did, and it's a double entendre!

    2. Hey, Thought the same thing meself 🙂

      (Just under a year and a half later)

  7. new arc yesssss

  8. Becca, I thought the same thing! Let's slink away together.

  9. I thought she meant a heavier storyline too. Especially with THIS foreboding beginning..

    Eve looks so cute in panel 4. And Park is just too adorable. If my boyfriend sneaked into the shower 'just' to tell me, I'm sure I'd be happy to celebrate with him ;P

  10. The rap sounds like something Fukken Shit Dog would say.

  11. Well, *I* knew she was talking about the lines in her artwork, he said feeling obnoxiously smug. And hooray for milestones!

    Someone has to make a "300" reference here … "THIS … IS … OCTOPIE!!"

  12. Well, Eve having to move away from New York /is/ pretty heavy…

    Boobies! 😀

  13. Man, I keep forgetting what great boobs Eve has.

  14. My immediate reaction to the thicker line is that the more vulnerable line made the simple figures seem more tender. I think going iconic moves you into a crowd artistically which only seems to dilute the impact of what you present.

    You did mention losing some of the detail of your line on-digitizing, but I think you should check to see if anyone else felt that way. What you expressed concern about seems completely compatible with the 1960s "pop art" feel of your use of halftones. Your use of them is masterful enough for you to consider going with an even thinner line, to leverage the richness of their effect (perhaps in some other more experimental work where you want to move away from a pop art feel).

    Also, are you going with a thicker brush to ease inking? In your video, I did notice you bent your inking around a static drawing board. It looked like it might be easier for you to rotate the drawing and draw your brushstrokes away from your center rather than making your brushhand do acrobatics around a static drawing.

    1. Just wanted to say re: Park's lack of arousal: I'm surprised the prospect of marrying into another set of Asian parents doesn't discourage more Asian-with-Asian dating in the US. One set is plenty.

  15. Something about panel 4 reminds me of Brandon Graham.

    1. I thought that too!

  16. Wow! I've been following this comic for 2 years? Crazy. Congrats on the milestone!

  17. I saw Eve naked! Does this mean we have to get married now? 'Cause I'm totally okay with that.

  18. Calm down, people. We've seen Eve's boobs before. (Not to mention Hanna's, back when she spelled out — pretty clearly, I thought — that "top-free" should not be that big a deal.) We've also seen Marek's penis. Okay, that part I made up.

    1. I was thinking "WHAT?! in which strip?" and almost went to check.

      XD dang, I wanted proof that he really was a Polish stallion.

  19. Jeffrey H. Wasserman


    How could you?

    There's no D train there!

    No Prospect Park!

    No Coney Island!

    What's an ex-Brooklynite of a Octopus Pie reader like me to do now?


  20. I really like the first panel for some reason. The perspective maybe? I dunno, I like it. And happy 300.

  21. Three Hundred. Dayum. Congratulations, and good luck in the "other" Portland 😉

  22. Love the transition from Park's dog (at a clock radio) to Eve's choice of tunes in the shower – nice flow of scenes and the line quality is very comfortable (on the eye) with your figures.

    Is Park's possible transplant a way of buffering the anxiety of your big move?

  23. OOOOHHH so thats what nings boobs look like…


  24. Just wanted to chime in and say I'm loving how maturely you've treated this scene. A lot of webcomics would not be able to do this without it making everybody feel dirty, yet this feels entirely natural and not pornographic at all. Kudos!

  25. Eve doesn't look too pleased about sharing the shower.

    1. Also, congrats to Meredith for 300 OP strips!!

      "For she's a gosh-darn good webcomicist,

      For she's a gosh-darn good webcomicist,

      For SHEEEEE'S a gosh-darn good WEBCOMICISSSSSST,

      Which nobody can deny!!"

  26. Congrats on the milestone! Loving the new arc so far, and I would like to agree with Iaman. It had a totally natural and mature feel to it. This comic made me laugh twice, once for the song Eve was listening to ( I thought of Fukken Shit dog too 😛 ), and again for Eve's annoyance at Park in the last panel.

    Dainys – Gah, you got my hopes up XD

  27. On the subject of thin vs thick lines, have you ever read dave sim´s glamourpuss? it´s about that, you just might like it.

  28. Dave Sim gave me my start reading all B&W comics (see Cerebus). His works with Gerhard are still among my favorite printed artwork.

  29. Lovin' the inking in this comic Meredith! And congratulations on reachin' no. 300! A feat worth celebrating. 🙂

  30. Congrats on #300. Wewt for bewbs and wewt for Snoop doggy doggy DAWG!

  31. I love that song!!! wooopi woopi bongggg

  32. Where can I get a rad showerspeaker like that?

  33. When did we see her boobs before? Also i like that he's staring at them the entire strip.

  34. @Senkon very early in this comic's run did we see her breasts, when Hannah, Eve and Marek went for a picnic and Hannah was advocating women's right to go topless.

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