#918 – surprise

29 thoughts on “#918 – surprise

  1. Ah, if only they could fit those 30 glasses with prescription lenses…

    1. They're excellent for people who are already unable to see out of their right eye.

  2. Surprise, Larry. We're actually beating YOU up! 😀

    1. Y'old fucker!

      1. Mr. Potato Patato Von Spudsworth III

        “How many time do we have to teach you this lesson old man!?”

  3. Damn. That's a masterful surprise party setup.

  4. Not some shithead who's pushing- 30!!
    clever panel layout!!

  5. Damnit! I wanted to see a guilty white guy get his ass beaten!

    1. The night is still young!

  6. D'aww. Just look at the joy in his eyes in that last panel.

  7. And Hanna is RIGHT there

  8. Haha yeahhh shit's going down; maybe everyone in OP will fight

  9. Aww yay! This is much better than holding grudges.

    I'm nine years older than Larry. Thirty didn't really bother me (it was thirty-six, for some reason, that I had a really hard time with). Curious to see how he feels about it.

  10. This page makes me feel like the ending of this comic is getting nearer and nearer

  11. I ship LarryXHanna. I love Marek, but Larry strikes me as someone being more compatible with Hanna—especially if she still isn't interested in having children after all the wonderful growing she's done. He also seems to connect with her in a way we haven't seen with other characters. Of course that doesn't mean he has to be a love interest (I love the story writing that I'd be happy to see her with Marek or even without a romance at the end), but I still ship it. 😉

  12. Wow! I'm more surprised than Larry.

  13. Damn, Mer surprised us just as skillfully as Larry.

  14. Oh! They did not!! That's so cute!!!


  16. Did Hanna bake the cake? She totally baked the cake, right?

    Also, is Will still baking with her? (I hope so!)

  17. YAAAY!!

    GREAT one, Will. Masterfully pulled off!

    #is grinning#

  18. oh god. is 30 supposed to be old in the context of octopus pie characters?

  19. That lil dude with spikes for hair waving his arms around the "R" in "SURPRISE" is gonna be the life of the party–you can tell.

  20. Elton John wants his Om glasses back (but they work great for a 30th birthday!)…

  21. I just turned 30 a few weeks ago. I have a feeling this is going to fall into the "painfully relatable" subcategory of Octopus Pie stories.

  22. Wheeeeeeeere's Eeeeeeeve ????


  24. I'm crying just a little bit.
    Oh God, I wish I had friends like this.

  25. …oh.

    Happy birthday, Larry!

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