#919 – dreamily nursing that ice

18 thoughts on “#919 – dreamily nursing that ice

  1. hanna wtf set your straight girl issues aside

  2. Random Spanish Guy

    I have a feeling we won't be seeing Larry from the left very often. Unless he's wearing sleeves.

  3. *leans back* everybody love a good ol one-sided competition with an estranged ex-friend that is paying no attention

    But I mean, Hanna, if you DO want to date queer………………………………………………………………..

  4. Uh… who' Steven again?

    1. The gentleman entering the restroom marked "W.C." on the right in panel one, based on context clues.

    2. I think it's the guy who just went into the w.c. lol

    3. I'm guessing the guy she's seen talking to in the first panel. "Work retreat" sounds like it will be an interesting storyline. Would do bakers do on retreats?

    4. The guy going into the toilets at the top right, I think?

    5. Just the guy Hanna's chatting to in the second panel?

  5. I love the new positive, work-oriented Will! Doing good for himself while still being a bad-ass. That is exactly what I aspire to in life!

  6. "Opposite Day" gifts for everyone!

  7. Actually that was all super sweet 🙂

  8. Why isn't Eve here 🙁

    1. While I'm not quite done re-reading the comic (I made a valiant effort last night), I'm not sure Larry and Eve hang out much.

  9. I had forgotten about Larry's rad tattoo.

  10. Larry: Haha, you've already got it in quotes.
    Will: Larry, don't talk like that. You make me feel like I'm just a character in a comic or something.
    Meredith: Shhhhh.

  11. "Work retreat" – no drama incoming there.

    (Anyone else team Hannill?)

  12. I appreciate that Meredith follow through with her character's flaws, or at least is unafraid to bring it up. I didn't expect it, but it makes sense that Hannah would a) compare herself to Marigold, b) think she knows best, c) try to hook up with people. that she thinks she "convince" a gay man checks out.

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