#917 – that bastard client

New storyline y'all! I hope you like it. If you'd like to own an original page of the previous story, you're in luck - I've just put all the available pages up in the store! Have a look either way if you wanna see the pages in their original B&W.

23 thoughts on “#917 – that bastard client

  1. Could go either way.

    1. I was jUST coming down here to

    2. Could Go Either Way!

  2. I might be the first one to say this but…. don't let your temper get the better of you Will it's not wor-….

    <re-reads the comic>

    Ya know, on second thought, go for it. It'll be fiiiiiine.

  3. Will. Larry. Therapy. Possibly killing a dude. First page and this is already my new favorite storyline.

  4. ….annnd there goes all the therapy.

    1. This will probably get me downvoted a lot, but…getting a handle on your anger issues doesn't mean becoming a wuss. Will's got a lot of emotional power – he needs to learn to use it, instead of letting it use him. If he's able to confront this guy, maybe he'll get an opportunity to do so.

      Also…Larry is such a great friend. He says "Are *we* killing him" – it's just understood that he's got Will's back, whatever goes down. But that trailing "or…" shows he's not just a brainless yahbrah.

      1. Guh. Depends on how he chooses to confront him, I guess.

    2. hold on, he may kill him with kindness…

  5. Yes! Righteous justice for Will at last. Maybe a growing up moment, too.

  6. At first I was like "don't do it!" but then I went back and read that storyline again and was like "yeah sounds good, get that f***er"

  7. Whoa there Will! Heal and grow, heal and grow.

  8. Ah yes the self-hating white dude. I am looking forward to watching Will beat his "guilt" ridden ass.

  9. It'd be pretty funny if Will got himself beat up again, and ended up sleeping with Eve again shortly thereafter, leaving her to wonder if he's just covered in bruises all the time.

  10. don't do it hoe

  11. Will,
    First you need to thank him for helping you to fix your life.
    Then you need to repay the favor– and kick his ass in

  12. "–though he was black and white the last time I saw him"

  13. exuberantspaghetti

    The way the palette screams hot summer night is incredible. I'm in a foggy 58° city at the moment. but I can feel and smell the humidity of a hot NY summer night. And I don't really mean metaphorically. As I read, I remembered the feeling of heat on my shoulders, and the smell of the humidity on the streets and sidewalks.

    The first panel is especially effective: the reflections on the sidewalk, the headlights, the glow over the bar, the way the air looks hot and shimmery.

    The colors are always stunning in OP, but they keep getting better. It's miraculous and beautiful.

    Also… Larry! Still hot, still a great friend. Larry will always have Will's back. And he's that friend who actually *wants* to hear about your therapy. I mean, he brought it up. You're a prince, Larry.

    1. This is such a great observation! I would have never put it into those exact words, but you're absolutely right — that's precisely what that colour palette evokes.

  14. Please let KeyLimePie-a-Ritas be the next flavor

  15. Lovin the upgraded Story guide, plus this arc is simply so full of feels, you seem to perfectly understand, how to play the instruments that our hearts are!
    BTW, the comic is getting close to the fourth digitális in page count. Are you planning on dropping jaws?

  16. Oh, Will, you were doing so well…

  17. Really, Will was very well …

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