#868 – how long has it been

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  1. Those times when you forget how much time has passed.

    Life goes on, yeah?

  2. “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana"

  3. I didn't remember Marek disapproving of Will (other than Marek not being impressed by Will's beard). Were there any other conflicts with Marek and Will?

    1. well will fell for hanna while marek was out of the country and hanna led will on for a while. I can imagine that caused some serious tension.

    2. It may be that the two of them were never really close.

      1. that comic makes so much more sense when you get the will/hanna context

        1. I think this is a prime example of Marek's depth that has gone relatively unnoticed. Sure he was rarely the center of the show, but it seems like people often put him in the "adorable boyfriend who everyone likes and is super goofy" category. Instances of anything outside that box, where he shows emotions like dislike or jealousy even, such as the above, are passed over. For a 2-d medium this comic sure feels an awful lot like real life.

      2. http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-11-21/075-bad-at-t
        more related evidence, from the very beginning.

    3. I believe Hannah dated Will before Marek. I could be wrong though but I think it was in a flashback arc

    4. Even if they were good buddies, Marek could still have opinions on doing business with Will separate to that.

    5. As Lee notes below, a remarkable thing about Marek is how little we ever knew about him – and how we never noticed.

    6. I feel like Marek's always low-key viewed Will as a threat. It would explain why they didn't really seem to have a friendship outside of Hannah.

  4. It really gets me how uncomfortably far they've sat down from each other.

  5. I get the feeling marek is wondering if hanna and will are getting involved. I imagine he disapproved of them working together considering will was in love with hanna for a while..

  6. Man… for a while Marek's primary (visible) character traits were like: loves Hanna, goes to school, has some folksy wisdom. We've gotten to see a little more of him since shortly before he and Hanna broke up, but it's so weird that he was present for SO long without getting fleshed out. I guess that's a product of so much of the story coming from Eve's perspective? And maybe it shows how insular his relationship with Hanna was… yikes.

    Anyway, I want to know more!! But I doubt we'll ever get a full picture of him.

    1. I feel like the previous arcs focused on one of the main characters who is tied into the others in various ways. I always got the feeling that Marek was connected only through Hanna and that the bulk of his grad school/game-making character background was just that. It never felt like it was something to be explored more in depth because it was too unrelated to anyone else. But now that he is back in the group it will be interesting to see where his relationships with everyone go. This meeting is definitely pivotal. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Octopus Pie!

  7. The nervous energy.

  8. When you've been down for *so* long, even your perception of time becomes blurred. Man, I've been there so many times, it's not even funny -_-

  9. Dat last panel tho…

    You guys have this way of making emotion come out in color. The contrast between light sepie/orange and blue isn't something I'd normally care about but… it went from warm and nostalgic to… clinical almost. That exact feeling of two people suddenly having a moment of awkward reality checking.

    Love this.

  10. Feels like forever.

  11. Wow!
    That's very good, Meredith.

    Reading the last 3 panels made me wanna cry, a little. Just Hanna's realization of: I really like Marek, but…I've lost track of him for months, or who knows how long. Wow.

  12. Is it just me, or does Marek seem far more open, less hidden and shadowy than before?

    He's still a mystery, but now one you can easily put a human side to.

      1. The comic before that, the famous "I'm beginning to see the cracks" one, I JUST realized that I had been confusing eve and hanna. Which makes wayyy more sense and is sad for entirely different reasons. When I thought it was Hanna saying that, it was sad in the sense of an unavoidable pain about to be experienced. But with Eve it is something much more profound about the state of the group. Ugh I love this comic. I might have to click the first comic button again.

  13. Marek's eyes being visible give a much more intimate feeling like "okay, now we can make eye contact", altough out of all the characters in this story, he was the most open minded, most friendly person of them all. Lovin it!

  14. Marek comments on Will… and Hanna changes the subject.

  15. she's using their them-mug ;___;

  16. I just realized that I forgot this is all made up. Marek disappeared for a while from the story after he and Hanna broke up, and now he's back, and in my head I was like, "He must have been really busy."

    He doesn't EXIST unless it is decided by Meredith! She decides when he appears or doesn't appear, not his (completely not real) schedule! Derp.

    Just another example of how 3-dimensional these characters are. Even dear Marek who is often gone, or a side character. I really believed there was some legit real world reason why he was gone for so long besides the story arcs not including him for a while.

    It's not even like when an actor's schedule has a conflict so they write him/her out of a season of their show or something. He is less real than sitcom characters, but he feels much more fleshed and bone to me.

    Weeeeeeeeeeeell done Ms. Gran.

  17. Huh, I'm curious about this actually. I believe Meredith said that Octopus Pie's story takes over the course of four to five years. (I know she's said that, but am not sure where). I'm assuming everyone in the beginning is fresh out of college if they went, so the ages 21 or 22, and so by the end everyone should be either 25 or 26. So, Hanna and Marek's break up possibly is only a month. I don't know… just theorizing here.

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