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  1. It's always good to see people interacting like decent people after break ups.

    1. I think it's possible if the breakup wasn't because of… well, either person, really. Like, if a person steals from you/manipulates you/cheats on you, this kinda thing isn't really possible.

      If one of you leaves because of circumstances outside of either person's control (in this comic's case, one person wants kids, the other doesn't), the pain might be there, but both sane people generally get that it shouldn't be directed at each other.

      TL;DR I agree with you.

      1. I've had relationships end badly and still been able to make up. Once you pass the point of indifference where you just aren't hurt or care enough to be hurt,friendship is possible again. It takes a very specific kind of person though. I don't have it in me to hold grudges but lots of people can't help but hold them.

    2. I usually go through a period of hurt/anger (you know, the stages) and then you're over it. I'm still friends with all my exes (even the huge tearful break-ups that take months to recover from) because they were good guys, they just not the right ones for me. It's not really awkward for us (mentioning we dated), usually it's awkward for others that had no idea we dated and they ask really intrusive questions. People are always surprised we're friends but, due to my unique situation, I have a hard time accepting that people can't be friends with their exes and amicable. Do people really cut off their exes forever? Can you really not celebrate their good health/fortune or new romance? Just seems really weird.

  2. Are these last two strips the first time we've ever seen Hannah and Marek just by themselves? It's weird, but it seems like while they were together, we never got much of an inside look at their relationship–we were with Eve or Will or Marigold, looking in at something we didn't really see the workings of by itself. We don't even learn about them disagreeing on having kids or anything like that until Hannah breaks it to Eve. I'd never really realized how much their relationship had not been charted by the comic.

    1. I remember seeing them alone a few times before, but iirc nothing substantial happened between them :/

    2. There were a couple of times, here and there. I remember some time briefly in the Valentine's Day arc and also in the arc when Hanna has a day off of work.

      Other than that, there wasn't any super extended periods of time that I can think of. It was sort of casual.

    3. There were a few at the beginning and end of the vacation day arc. So, you're basically right! I'm glad you pointed that out, Meredith has some clever writing.
      http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-01-15/571-vacationhttp://www.octopuspie.com/2013-04-03/595-the-90s/ http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-04-10/597-thats-no

      1. My previous post was deleted… I don't know why. 🙁

        So these comics are all information we have at the moment, right? I didn't miss anything? Because the whole breakup between Marek and Hannah was so out of the blue for me… and I really, *really* want to know what happened and how.

        1. Perhaps reread the comic, it's worth it even if you didn't miss anything just because it's so great. However you have missed quite a lot if their break up is a surprise to you. There were very clear precursors. Basically, Marek wanted a family more than anything and Hanna was deadset against having kids. No amount of love can overcome a difference like that. However, things change and I am holding out hope that Hanna's new lease on life will bring her back to Marek, if not in a family way at least in a friendly way.

        2. First of all thanks for the answer, I kind of binge-read OP for the first time so I think I might have missed it. I'll take a look at the older comics and use my google-fu.

        3. No problem dude 🙂

  3. I'm at a point where I've met exes, and had that hug. It's strange. It;s almost like things return to how they were, despite yourself. Everything comes back out, and you watch it happen, almost in 3rd person.

    I feel a real connection to Marek. Friends choose one person or another, oftentimes. And being lost by your friends after a breakup is tough. It seems that only now is he being reintegrated into the storyline, and only now is he actually getting back into his old group of friends.

    1. Sometimes I'll put it as "She got [so-n-so] in the divorce".

  4. +1 for the all too realistic showing off to the ex and still wanting to show you aren't thinking about them 24/7.

  5. While Hanna doesn't explicitly say WHY she deleted the number, she still gets props from me for saying she DELETED the number. I always say I "lost" the number (and other people have said this to me, as well), despite having the same phone/number pretty much… always.

    I don't think either one of these is more or less awkward than the other, but I personally just appreciate Hanna being more straightforward here.

    (Also Mer's current style really just makes Marek look fukken adorable, I seriously can't get over how cute he looks in the second panel)

    1. The "why" is alluded to in this one, aka my favorite* OP post: http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-01-07/742-the-witc

      *although the art just keeps getting more and more incredible, so it's hard to have just one favorite

  6. They hugged.

    Hanna and Marek hugged. :3

  7. Sometimes (certainly not always) people need time apart before they get together for good.

  8. Yass! Good to see that Hanna hasn't let herself go and- ohmygod is that a THRONE???? XDXDXDXDXDXD

  9. Anyone else getting a little frustrated at the repetitive "why did Hanna and Marek break up" question? Meredith is a fantastic writer and has given us all the information required to deduce that answer for ourselves, and if that isn't enough, the question has been answered numerous times in the comments section. Come on people, we can't read the comic for you.

    1. My favorite thing about Meredith's writing is that she makes the reader take that last step to understand. She gives you exactly what you need to understand and no more than that. You often have to come to your own conclusions. I love looking at each panel for the subtleties. Bravo Meredith.

    2. Since I guess you're aiming that towards me for asking…

      1.) Yes, the writing is great and the deduction is possible *if* you remember the right comic. And as great as OP is, I don't really want to re-read everything just to answer a very simple question of mine.

      2.) The question has maybe already answered in the comments but there isn't really a kind of an easy search function to look for it. Hell, my first step before even posting the question *here* was to look for a fan forum or subreddit or something like that, but there isn't one up and running… sooo…

      What I'm trying to say is:
      Don't get mad for people asking a simple question, some readers are quite new (like me), and possibly have binge-read the comic because they couldn't stop reading once they were introduced to it. It's very easy to overlook one or two comics and the information therein.

      1. Not you alone, the many many people who have asked previously. And not mad at all, tone is difficult to convey in writing unless you are the great Meredith Gran. Frustrated is a very different thing. It's like watching a movie with someone who isn't paying attention and continually asks "who's that guy? How did they get here?" Side note, purely because this is funny, I recently came out of The Force Awakens and actually heard two girls saying that Star Wars is their favourite franchise but that they couldn't help feeling like they'd have understood the movie better if they knew who Han Solo was, and who was that guy at the end supposed to be (I'm not saying in case anyone here hasn't seen it yet, but if Star Wars was really their favourite franchise, they would have known)?!!!

      2. Well I would actually argue that octopus pie is actually written in a way that lends itself more to book form. Sure bingeing can lead to missing things but if you are reading thoughtfully like from a book without having major gaps between arcs, the story actually answers questions in a timely fashion. There are also major benefits to this style of story telling, it invites the reader to go back and look at how things have come together and look for the foreshadowing. I think a writer that is able to get readers to reread their work for deeper understanding and able to create that kind of desire and interest is a real skill. Especially if the answers really are in the context. If very careful reading and analysis isn't your bag, maybe this comic isn't for you.

  10. He takes his hat off when he comes into someone's apartment. Do American guys (other than mine) still have the presence of mind and manners to do that?

    1. you mean "do american guys still hold to an outdated tradition that communicates a certain level of manners to a smaller and smaller subset of the population, but communicates nothing to a larger and larger subset of the population?"

      the answer is: some do some don't.

      Hat manners were a big deal up until the 50's for sure. Traditions change, as do manners.

    2. He's Polish, they've established that before. Also, can't remember the last time I've seen someone really wear a hat.

    3. tradition is just tradition

  11. Maybe, while in this room, they will take the opportunity to put a bun in the oven.

    And then Hannah will be like "nnnooooo, I'm good thaaaanks"

    And Marek will leave.

    But everyone friends.

    Also Eve is at home eating a Hot Pocket.

  12. A couple of pages ago all I could think of was what's happening with Marigold and Jane…. now I'm all Marigold what? Jane who? Gimme gimme gimme more Marek and Hanna!!! If friendship is where this lands I am still more interested in their dynamic than any other. In Octopus Pie land or real land. I may need to reshuffle my priorities.

  13. Hanna's big-eyed, straight lipped expression and honesty in panel 3: been there done that….

  14. Is Hanna Meredith's Howard Roark?

  15. I love that you can see merek texting hanna in the previous pages at the amusement park. he started messaging her right after he spoke with mar. I think its a really nice touch.

  16. FWIW, I once had a friendship end where: I always got permission from friend, to call their home.
    The friend later dropped me, without warning, saying that they greatly disliked people calling their home.

    *shrugs* Some people just don't fit well together, I guess.

    1. 🙁 also some people are jerks and probably don't know how to have a real friendship. I once had a friend who whenever I called him he'd tell me to get on Facebook chat and then proceed to misread and misinterpret everything I said. He interpreted my final message pretty well though… something along the lines of "it is too difficult to communicate with you so I will stop now."

  17. Fukken shyat!!! First panel has reduced me to a teary mess!! 4 fork's sake!!! ^_^

  18. Because it respects ladies to force men to have hat hair?
    Sexist 19th century custom.

    Society has moved on.

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