#415 – ghost canteen

November 17th, 2010

#415 – ghost canteen

That’s the end of this story! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the characters die.


Discussion (60)¬

  1. Jacob says:

    Feel-good party of the year!

  2. Nico says:

    Well, I guess somehow before the next arc they all magically resurrect themselves. Lol.

  3. Winter says:

    Hipster ghosts.

  4. Oh my god-Eve has a gun to her head! That took a second pass to pick up!

  5. StJason says:

    Wait… so… is Hanna dead now?

  6. Bubby says:

    Oh Eve, how I love you!!!

  7. JA says:

    I have no idea what happened in this arc.

    • Rufus says:

      This was like Christmas in July, only April Fool's Day in October (and then unintentionally in November); dressed up as Halloween.

  8. not alive says:

    This arc was amazing. If only I could wander around as a ghost and scare old ladies who murder people. That would be the best.

  9. Jasmine says:

    Was Hanna’s pottery wheel comment a reference to the movie Ghost?

  10. Deegan says:

    What did Will’s last line mean?

  11. Acharis says:

    This was the best thing i've read all week, partly because all my other fav webcomics have been total bummers of late (xkcd's Randal's dealing with family illness & everyone on QC is mopey & breakup-y) but mostly because you're awesome. Fantastic arc!

  12. Eversist says:

    Yesssss to minecraft being addictive. I wish I had never shown it to my boyfriend. I've stopped playing, but it lives on though him.

    Kick-ass arc! I love it when authors do non-canon stuff.

  13. Tim says:


    It’s fun to see that game get mentioned out of the blue! :) It’s also a totally legitimate excuse for Hanna to be gone for that long 😛

    • Tashars says:

      Holy Cow I totally agree. I was trilled to see Minecraft mentioned in this webcomic 😀 I'm kinda new to the game (yet completely addicted,) an old fan of octopuspie, and LOVE that the two worlds have, briefly, merged. <3 @ cha, Meredith, for making dreams come true

  14. CLR says:

    Last panel: best line ever.

  15. AlexCerati says:

    It was cool to se everybody die (except the dudes! why?)! Is this cannon?

  16. Danyell says:

    OMG, Hanna puked to death! Amazing.

    And ghost-hair is super cool.

  17. elliott says:

    so did marigold scare the old lady to death? looks like she was clutching her heart. also totes didn't notice the gun to eve's head, how crazy is that?

    also it's weird that will and marek can't talk given how much exposure they've had to each other over the last year(s?) oh yeah, how fast/slow DOES time go in the OP universe? i figure it's been a couple years right? at least one.

  18. Damien Walder says:

    But… now the Countess is hanging out with ghost hipsters? Ex-hipsters?

    And who's to say they won't serve PBR in the afterlife (if you've been especially bad, I can see that happening)?

  19. Umeboshisan says:

    I am so glad that I am not the last person on earth who uses "clown shoes" in speech. Meredith you are amazing! Thank you!

  20. NextChamp says:

    That’s a lot of vomit.

  21. parissmiles says:

    oh how i love will leblanc!

  22. hi says:

    so what happens when you run out of dead bullets? That was a six shooter and at least one's already been used.

  23. nalem says:

    Haha hilarious!

    Man, Meredith. I just LOVE your panel lay outs. *__*

  24. Fady says:

    “You can’t make me see it”


    >>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oLVrIkoE0Y <<<<<


  25. timmako says:

    there's a missing gunshot noise in panel 10.

  26. Paul1963 says:

    Just out of curiosity, do all you folks asking if this is canon ever wonder if the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episodes are canon?

    What we have here in “Octopus Die” is “Studio Apartment of Horror.” Or “Converted Warehouse of Horror.” Or “Third-floor Walkup Above a Bodega of Horror.”

    Fun, but not in continuity.

    “Victorian Brownstone Subdivided into Tiny Apartments of Horror?”

  27. Sean says:

    Here’s a sentence never before uttered in English (I hope):

    I can’t stop laughing at Hanna barfing herself to death.

  28. Leith says:

    Just the way Hanna always wanted to go: face down in a pool of her own vomit.

  29. Gl1tt3r says:

    I thought Eve was the first to die, but she looks quite solid in this strip? Am I just bonkers?

    That aside this arc was the shit.

  30. Mr. F says:


    I don't even…



  31. Alex says:

    How is Will super good-looking in

  32. spade says:

    i see a lot of ren and stimpy in hanners deathbarf scene. puking up her soul eh? i've heard of that, actually. spiritual upchuck i believe it was called.

  33. QLL says:


  34. Shras says:

    All they have to do to be alive again is shoot each other with the ghost bullets lol