#414 – boo

There's just one more page to the exciting and very late conclusion of this story! Thanks for waiting patiently while I did some much-needed Webcomics Weekend work, and rested a bit in the aftermath. And thanks to everyone who came and made our 2nd show a big success! San Francisco area friends: my friend Jon Sung is about to release a new album with his awesome band, The Definite Articles. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of The Arcade Fire but with a full string quartet. I think you will find it quite pleasing! They're playing November 19th & 20th (the Fri/Sat before Thanksgiving) at 32 Ocean Ave, and I highly recommend seeing them live. More info on their Facebook, or through this very comprehensive post on their blog!

47 thoughts on “#414 – boo

  1. Did NOT see that coming. This is beyond fantastic.

    Heh. Marigold's revenge.

  2. So THAT's how this story actually becomes canon!

    1. That's a big gun she's got there. A real hand-canon.

  3. Yay! 😀

    I'm glad Eve's back 🙂

  4. D'aww, Greg.

  5. "BOO, motherfucker!"

    haha best line I've read all week, at least

  6. Love the spooky face on the bullet. But ghost bullets don't kill ghosts? Or do ghosts return to life if they're killed? And if ghost-Eve came back to life, what happened to her body?

    I like questions.

    1. Maybe there are two bodily Eves now!

      1. One get's to breathe, the other gets to really confuse the heck out of the New York coroner's office.

    2. I know! I was all like if eve comes back with wounds then what will greg come back as? All chopped up?

  7. Hi, I'm Casper the friendly bullet!

    lol reminds me of the ghost plots / ghost bullet jokes in RvB.

    also "BOO, motherfucker!" made my day! But where is Hannah? hmmmm..

  8. Why did the Ghost Bullet change her outfit? Panel 3=coat. Panel 4= no coat?

    But, it's still awesome as always.

    1. In panel 3 Eve is wearing her ghost clothes. In panel 4 she's wearing what she died in. You can see the holes.

    2. Everybody got a costume change when they became ghosts. I think she's changed back into what she was wearing before she died, minus the balloons?

    3. Right now she's wearing the clothes she wore when she died. When she was a ghost, she wore ghost clothes which are totally different.

      the clothes of her sooooooooul

      1. Eve's soul wears a sensible cardigan?

        1. that is apparently her deepest desire fashion-wise

          and to be fair it suits her very well

  9. hahahahaaha! NICE!

  10. I think this comic would be better titled "metal as fuck".

  11. Looks like Will's losing his shit

  12. WAIT!

    Where's Will's neck scar?

  13. Whoa! Ren & Stimpy were right! If you kill a ghost, it comes back to life!

    (Now we need a visit from the Bloody Head Fairy)

  14. Definite flavours of KC Green coming through on this one.

    1. That'd explain the not-totally-out-of-place-but-still-somewhat-irrelevant last panel.

  15. Ghost bullet. Heck, that was unexpected. 😛

  16. huh, didn't see that coming. im just glad pac man didn't follow up on that bullet.

  17. I have a student in my college English class who wanted to write a paper about hipsters. He keeps insisting he can do it, but his only sources are Wikipedia and 4chan.

    My point is, thank you for writing about hipsters WELL. <3


  19. LOL

    Worth the wait

  20. Seriously, is it bad if I want Marigold to stay dead?

  21. The hipster-craze must stop, I was called a hipster today for playing pokemon in class. There are no longer hipsters, just douchebags, EVERYWHERE

  22. Thanks for the band drop; that's my hometown, and I actually like them. ^_^

  23. I see what you did there >.>

  24. Gregory this old bag murdered you and three of your mates, and you want to be a friendly ghost with her.

    You are either the dumbest shitbrick or the saintliest of bros to ever walk comic-earth!

  25. Greg has such crap for self-esteem. Trying to make friends with his murderer? Yeesh.

    Awesome panel – EPIC, even.

    There is no hipster craze. There have always been people with questionable fashion and group identities. Being hostile to a group so poorly defined as "hipsters" is just really dumbed-down xenophobia or low-level sociopathy.

    Plus, mis-using the word? – doing a major dis-service to one of the finer poets America's produced.

  26. And it turns out Hanna was dead the WHOoOoOoLE TIiIiIiIiMMME.


  27. Wow, I have been away from this comic for way too long. I lolled in absolute confusion. I have no idea WTF is going on and it's blissfully hilarious that way!

  28. would you please produce a die hipster scum t-shirt

    i would buy it

  29. But where's Astroboy?

  30. yessss first panel oh my god, i second the t-shirt idea

  31. Aw, man . . . I liked Eve's floaty hair!

  32. I was a hipster before being a hipster was un-cool.

  33. Dude I might be high


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