#867 – i deleted it

I don't do many 4-panel pages - it's just more room than I usually need - but I'm happy with the use of space in this one. Not just the room reveal, but Hanna's extended time at the sink, reasoning out how to explain herself. The blue word balloons in the dark are a subtle and lovely touch.

4 thoughts on “#867 – i deleted it

  1. "I deleted it because… I deleted it."

    Nice catch, Hanna!

  2. As I recall, she deleted it so that she couldn't drunk-dial him crying again (http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-01-07/742-the-witch-lives/). So she doesn't want to say that out loud, but she knows Marek probably figured it out already…

  3. Oh shit, it's the green-striped mug again

  4. I do not remember this happening at all!

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