#868 – how long has it been

Octopus Pie with the crystal ball, getting ahead of the Karen wave by years! I'm pleasantly surprised when I reread this joke, hidden in their breakup post-mortem.

5 thoughts on “#868 – how long has it been

  1. I was always curious, how long HAD it been actually? 🙁

    and yeah damn at that Karen call-out. In addition to racism, they come equipped with Karate it seems.

  2. We got the impact even without Marek losing his eyes. I think that "Clearly it was" is the heaviest line of the series for me.

  3. I just love the combination of dot-eyes and eyes with sclera here (and all other places in OP). It's not supposed to work, but it does.

  4. Huh, we get a little shot of Marek's more jealous side here. I don't think we saw that usually.

  5. Karate Karen would like to Roundhouse kick your manager.

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