#866 – love of botany

Not sure how this came across, but I was continuing a thought about how strange and alienating - and aggressively tempting - it is, to turn our lives and every fragment of our histories into social media content. Hanna has these treasured images, some of which are painful and hard to process, yet her first impulse is to take to the internet and let the processing happen for her. Before she hits send, she realizes how strange it makes her feel, and shuts the whole thing down in frustration. Her unresolved past is waiting at her door, with no audience to rate the moment or confirm her biases.

6 thoughts on “#866 – love of botany

  1. I love how the computer threatens Hanna here

  2. computer, it's fine, it doesn't matter whether or not i unplugged the drive properly

  3. I always thought that sharing wasn’t her first impulse. She’s, like, psyching herself up to do it, trying to combine Will’s advice to put herself out there unironically with the validation and connection that Mar is reaping from this behavior. She opens herself briefly to becoming that person before deciding that she doesn’t want to play the game today.

    I don’t know! I’ve always loved how this comic invites us into the characters without them explaining themselves to us.

  4. I mis-remembered Marek and Hanna not seeing each other again until the final story and my heart just leapt here

  5. I, as Tech Support, is yelling at Hannah for that! Do you want corrupted files that you'll never be able to recover? Because that's how you get corrupted files that you'll never be able to recover. lol

    1. self destructive impulse, i read it as hanna knowing the files may get fucked and doing it anyways because the memories are painful. even if she’ll probably regret it being haunted by images of a happier past make you want to dig deeper into making the present suck

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