#837 – morning beautiful

26 thoughts on “#837 – morning beautiful

  1. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt under a regular t-shirt in all of my old pictures too.

  2. What will is taking :O ?

    1. Oh! I think my only useful piece of adult wisdom may apply here.
      I'd imagine that, given his past profession, Will is probably drug savvy, and saves money buying the no name brand medicine. Downfall is, they're not sugar coated and taste naff.
      Just a theory.

      1. yes , it was something like a retorical question, like why he is doing it? Something like that

    2. Aspirin/ibuprofen, probably. That is exactly the face you make when aspirin combined with coffee hits your tongue.

    3. I thought that to until I googled how Xanax tastes….yeah I'm that lame.

  3. …where are all the comments? How am I supposed to know what to think without their guidance?

    1. sadly this is what I was thinking as well

  4. what's will fwippin'?

  5. Breakfast of Champions.

    You go, boy!

  6. Is that panel another one of the photos from Hannah's hard drive?

  7. Is that little Will in the "A Bad Bar" memory/photo? Did Hanna's mind snap right to him when her date ruined her date!?

  8. I love these two. They just keep getting better and better. Their friendship gives me life

  9. Awww, babby Will!

  10. I'm confused about what time it is in this comic. Was Hanna on a breakfast date earlier?

    1. Could have been. Looks like they had coffee & a Bloody Mary.

    2. Yep – that's why she had extra time to "shop while mad", because it went downhill so fast

  11. I got a bad feeling about that chekhov’s xanax right there.

  12. "Abad" is a Persian word meaning "cultivated place." Stayin' classy.

  13. Folks, I'm guessing those pills are just asprin. Morning headches are no bueno.

  14. Oh my gosh!!! That second panel!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!

  15. Second panel — that's Will, but I'm not sure who the other person is? If it's supposed to be anyone in particular.

    I also went to many a bad bar in old tank tops.

  16. guys what if this is going in a "Hanna decides she should have gotten together with Will" kinda way? :/ I don't like that.
    Or, she just looked at all the photos on the drive and the images are going to keep flashing up in her thoughts for a while. And maybe she went on Tinder after looking at all of them.
    Also, I think it was a breakfast date because she was having a hot beverage (coffee? tea?) and the guy was having a bloody mary. And since she left the date early, she had time to shop.

  17. Pro-tip Will: Taking Meds w/ coffee, prescription or OTC, always will give you that gag reflex.

    Full disclosure: I thought those were actually breathmints at first, which explained the "bleh" face.

  18. Shopping while mad, love it!!

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