#810 + 811 – self preserving

37 thoughts on “#810 + 811 – self preserving

  1. Holy shit. I've always loved and related to your comics. But none has cut near as deep as this one for me personally.

    1. "the heart can only take so much imagination" fuck, man

  2. I think the real question is, are these references coming from Jane's subconscious, or is Eve such a huge closeted anime nerd that it shipped over to Jane's hallucination of her tiny selves?

    1. I dunno if you wrote “shipped” there on purpose, but it’s perfect.

    2. Anyway, we know that Eve and Park were part of a very nerdy crowd in their teens and are now kind of embarrassed about it, so it makes sense that Eve’s bad side would be the part of her that wants to be a cool kid who gets laid and wears cool shades and definitely does not know what a “beholder” is.

    3. I think it's all Jane, but, she's thinking "what would Eve think?".

    4. I took it as Jane, these references totally come straight from Jane's Totally Unofficial Anime Hell. (Which oh man, did that bring back some memories.)

  3. Gosh, that was pretty self-destructive

  4. OK OK OK but notice how Jane is all in purple and Nai-eve is all in purple.

    Mmm? Mmm?

    1. "Nai-eve"
      + 1 millionnnnnnnnn

  5. Talk about your manifest internal anguish. Jane's gonna put Anti-Eve in the toilet and flush.

  6. Reminded me of this little glimpse into Jane's mind from a few story lines ago (and the first appearance of wisdom bitch!)

  7. Cynic-Eve's big grin in the final panel looks like the face of someone who doesn't realize she's about to get whomped.

  8. If I were Jane, this would make me a bit worried about Eve…

    Also, that smear of purple blood

    1. I think that's a bruise which're blue

    2. er purple! Haha we called them black and blues in my house

  9. Those freakin' colours (beautiful)

  10. Cynicism is so easy. Just see everything as bad as it can possibly be, convince yourself before you even begin that it's just not worth it and at least you can't get hurt where you are right now. Now Hope, no matter how naive it may be, is a willingness to Risk. You know you deserve better, even if it means enduring pain, and no one, not even yourself, is going to hold you down and beat complacency into you.

    There is no Right decision here, only what Jane wants for herself and what she's willing to do to get it.

    1. This hit home really hard but I needed something like this, thank you.

    2. Hey! how did you get in my head?

    3. Cynically Depressed

      That's not cynicism. That's depression. Trust me, I've had both.

  11. Thanks to this story I've come to the realisation that I've probably been listening to my Anti-Eve for the best part of five years.

  12. Cynic-Eve must be a CloTi fan.

  13. Murder, everyone. Murder.

    1. "*coo-o-o-l-d blo-oo-d-e-e-d*"

  14. Did anyone else just start hearing "Komm, Susser Tod" play?

  15. I can't help feeling there's some significance in the fact that even the positive one gravitated towards the tragic relationship examples…

  16. I love how the cat's eyes turn to X's on Good Eve's shirt.

  17. http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-06-25/610-adjusted

    this is a good arc to revisit before continuing this one for sure!

  18. The sunglasses are off. Sampson's hair has been cut.

    1. Game over dawg!

  19. Was she about to say "The Sonic to your Tails"?

  20. Goddamn. I've felt my mind go to war against itself time and again; this page sums up the feeling perfectly.

  21. Shoulder Devil Eve… Why… ?

  22. Anthy to your Utena… holy crap I actually understand that reference!

  23. a revolutionary girl utena reference to steal what ever last bit of my heart that this comic hasn't already swooned away from me <3

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