#809 – so flippin simple

23 thoughts on “#809 – so flippin simple

  1. Magical Commenter

    Flustered magical straight friend's cuteness is a miracle of the universe.

  2. I totes remember being teen Eve shoulder angel, thinking complexity was just bullshit I could not participate in. (1.) Other people's feelings did not end up being my choice, and (2.) while sometimes more painful, living in a world with emotional complexity feels much more honest, real, and beautiful.

  3. Eve (any Eve) in sunglasses will never stop being funny to me.

  4. I really want Bad Eve's entire outfit.

    1. I don’t think I’d qualify them as Good Eve & Bad Eve, but Cynical Jaded Eve & Naïve Optimistic Eve.

  5. You have to be a tad concerned when your hallucinations are poikable.

  6. Can I have as much sass as Bad Eve has in panel 3?

  7. I want there to be a cosplay for these two Eve's, STAT.

  8. "Magical Straight Friend"…

    Ok, is it too late to consider a career change? I believe I fit, like, most of the criteria.

  9. so it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames

    but it's guaranteed to be never if you second guess her actions and push her away. might get burnt but hopefully the high is worth the pain

  10. "Magical straight friend"? Oh my God, it's not tiny geeky teen Jane, it's tiny EVE!


  11. I mean, the Wisdom Bitch now comes in shoulder angel format. Just how precious is that? It doesn't get any more precious than this. It can't. ^^ Thank you, Meredith.

  12. I'm so on magical purple imaginary positive Eve's team, it's stupid.

  13. I swear i was just thinking about how much i missed eve before clicking these last two strips :')

  14. Can't deny, my first reflex would probably be to poke them like Pillsbury, too.

  15. Also:

    Love is LOVE!! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me….no more.

  16. Is….is tiny Positive Purple Eve doing the Pillsbury Doughboy giggle??????? *poik* https://youtu.be/n3J2jDQ9cOE

  17. Yeeesh, Jane's not going to believe that vicious crap that Hanna was spouting about Marigold is she? Hanna was just being a big ol' meanie. Geeky mini-Eve is right on!

  18. The physical interaction and character/setting juxtaposition is giving me such good, spacey Miyazaki vibes. Very well done.

  19. Nai-Eve is literally grounded and Disbeli-Eve is not. Perhaps she's not so naive after all…

    1. Nai-Eve and Disbeli-Eve.

      …I don't ask a lot of complete strangers this, but…will you marry me?

    2. You, person, are the greatest pun nickname creators to ever grace comic websites.

  20. Dunno why, but Shoulder Devil Eve's floating in the last panel is giving me some DBZ vibes.

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