#808 – two letters in two hours

37 thoughts on “#808 – two letters in two hours

  1. Ah, the mysterious depths of text anxiety. This is actually getting listed as a medical condition, you know…

  2. Poor shoulder angels, they're homeless now that Eve evicted them.

  3. …is she getting EVE's shoulder people?

    1. I think that's what she's so freaked out about.

      Maybe… maybe Eve's shoulder people are real?

  4. D-did… did we just go full Satoshi Kon?

  5. MG you clever bastard.

  6. Hey now! That's two letters AND an exclamation mark in two hours. Surely that makes all the difference.

    1. Honestly the exclamation mark is a positive sign but…she didn't send a emoji so i'm still a little doubtful

  7. *smoking five cigars at once* calm down, sunshine, she probably meant exactly what she said. You’re gonna find out in four hours, regardless, so whyyyyyy worry nowwwww

    Which shoulder angel does this make me?

    1. ALSO
      After all, Jane, YOU'RE the one that said she seemed a little basic for elaborate mind games

      And keep in mind, Jane, the evidence we have to work with indicates Marigold IS a virgin, with women anyway, so possibly consider cutting the lil dear a bit of slack

      So Jane is: Cancer or a Scorpio, what do you guys think. Prob Scorp, imo. Marigold feels like a Capricorn. *bangs gavel* they're gonna be fine, case dismissed

      1. lmao. marigold is SO NOT a virgin. we literally watched a montage of her bumping uglies with will a few chapters back (then she vomited on his dick). and did you SEE that first kiss with jane? let's just say that if virgins were that adept, i wouldn't have pursued upperclass(wo)men as aggressively as i did in high school.

      2. i don't mean to haze you, but i'm DYING imagining will's reaction to marigold saying she wanted to be in a celibate long-term relationship with him.

        mar: "hey, um, will? i think i wanna save myself for marriage. but i think you might be the one, and i think we should give this — us — a chance."

        will would drop her ass so fast she wouldn't have time to feel vertigo.

  8. Who here *hasn't* coded themselves crazy every now and again.

    I usually get Truman Capote on one shoulder and Lenny Dykstra on the other.

    Good times… good times…

  9. Does the cool Eve still wants to fuck?

  10. ahhh i welcome this interlude's return to quirky suspension-of-the-laws-of-physics-and-also-comic-personified-psychology octopus pie



    2. wisdom bitch is in the top 10 of all time

  12. OMG geeky teen Jane! Yeeees!!

  13. I wanna hang out with the purple angel.

    1. But Sunglasses "Devil" Eve looks so fun too. I just can't decide

  14. Does that old computer box say "Y2K compliant"?

  15. Ahhhhhh Pacific Standard used to be one of my favorite bars before I quit drinking. This is the Brooklyniest web comic ever and I love it so.

    1. I definitely thought she meant the pacific standard time zone and I was super confused… a bar makes a lot more sense, haha. Clearly I am not from Brooklyn.

    2. A wild towny appears!
      That's cool you know the place.

      1. Oh yeah, if you ever happen to be in Park Slope and happen to also NOT be an alcoholic, please go to Pacific Standard. It is quite literally the best 🙂 (aside from the whole "having alcohol there" thing if you, again, HAPPEN TO BE an alcoholic).

        1. I love things that are the best. Also alchohol. I think I would fit right in. Then again, I've never been to NY…

  16. Right on time! They're like cicadas.

  17. Wow. Just wow.

    Leave it to Meredith to take a novelty aspect of a character, and then proceed to turn that small detail into a hilarious plot device.

    With the utmost respect, I must exclaim, "Meredith, you crafty bitch!"


  19. Her reaction is thre best. The situation is the best, both arguments are the best. This comic is the best 😀

  20. man, I'm so glad I met my wife before texting became as widespread. I had enough trouble reading signs in person let alone trying to decipher meaning in casual written word…

  21. Awwww, I love little good Eve!! ???

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