#812 – never to party again

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  1. I wonder if she forgot she isn’t Proto-eve?

    1. Er, Eve Prime, rather. The normal-sized one, with mass that never disapparates into dust. Yet, at least.

      1. It makes sense for the embodiment of "Your cynical side" to think it's the highest level of the mind. Since cynicism feels like it's "above it all", feels like you've really figured out the BS the rest of your thoughts are composed of. When you're feeling cynical, it's hard to recognize the cynicism as just a different layer of BS. Which it usually is.

        1. Which is Ironic, since the original Cynics (the Greek philosophers) were all about living in virtue with and according to nature. In other words, just being your natural self, and being cool about it, was what led to happiness.

  2. I've read the entire series so far in two days. I read it at home, while walking, at work. It's my absolute favorite and I can't stop trying to get friends to read it.
    I love the evolution of everything, art, characters, story, it's all so real, but so fantastic at the same time, this is one of my favorite comics in any media for sure!
    Keep up this amazing work! I hope one day to have it shining on my shelf.
    Cheers from Brazil

    1. It's funny, i liked the series well enough on the first read. But then I backed up and started from the beginning and now I LOVE IT.

    2. I feel ya sister. Most of my friends don't read a single comic though. Silly people, being so adult and thinking they're above drawn media.

      Bem vinda à seção de comentários do web comic Octopus Pie, compatriota.

      1. Maybe your friends need to find their Jane.

  3. gonna be awkward next time jane hangs with eve

  4. Wow, she didn't even loot Eve's body, what a waste

  5. The old dude is my spirit animal of the moment.

  6. Jane is so powerful and cool she can banish demons just by yelling at them

    1. Mighty is Jane’s caster level. Well would she know that reference.

  7. Love that middle finger, it's like the hateful version of the thumbs-up in Terminator 2

  8. Pride is usually the company of cynicism. This attitude that you've unlocked the secret to the world, that everything and everyone is a front. That you've discovered a way to see everyone's worst side and therefore you can be the most "truthful," person in the room.

    But Jane has something that is much more powerful than the truth, honesty. People that say, "I'm just telling the truth," not only are usually using that to hurt someone but also trying to justify their cynicism with rationalization. Jane knows that to overcome this pride she feels, thinking the world is a shitty place and there's nothing she can do about it, she needs to be honest with herself. Not putting herself down, not being rational about the situation, but having the confidence in yourself to trust your own feelings as the real truth to follow.

    1. This as well as last update's comments of yours both sound like something out of a motivational speaker's handbook. I applaud your conviction but I'm sure you know as well as I do that feelings, though potent in their own right, are far from the best guidepost of them all. To quote Melissa Ethridge – "my heart is a traitor, it lead me down this road." The same can be said for anyone.

      1. This is very true. The issue a lot of people deal with though is they never listen to their feelings for the exact reason you mentioned, they aren't based in logic or fact, and are deemed as secondary to solving problems. When you can be Honest with yourself is when you can acknowledge your limitations but don't let them control you. Just going with your gut and ignoring the truth is very destructive ,but having the confidence to take a Risk (Jane going ahead with Mar despite her past failures) while fully aware that you can fail is Honesty.
        (Octopus Pie is my motivational speaker heh)

    2. Truth without the burden of pride is a powerful thing, but I'm fond of saying truth destroys, lies abide. You have to be careful with the truth because it is a tool and a weapon. It can and will hurt you and those around you if you let it. Just ask anyone who has ever had to deal with a gossip rag like, for instance, Gawker.

  9. I need there to be a "Socially Walden'd" t-shirt right about now.

  10. Did Dead-Proto-(or-not)-Eve also vanish? Or is there going to be a very confused janitor sweeping up later?

  11. Can someone explain to me why Eve is Jane's representation of her subconscious? I don't get it. 🙁

    1. My best guess is Jane thinks Eve is the wisest, most-together person she knows & values her opinions.
      However, I can't figure out how Jane is able to see Nai-Eve and Disbeli-Eve the exact same way Eve does. That mojo has me trippin'.

    2. I'm pretty sure it's just to represent this internal conversation in a silly and fun way! Eve got rid of these very same manifestations a while ago, so there's an implication that they're now busy harassing other people.

  12. Thank god for mike

  13. damn, speaking as a gay lady, it is always awesome to finally read a deep, real lesbian character dealin w real, deep lesbian problems that aren't *about* her lesbianism. when it's within my favorite webcomic, it's fuckin unreal. thank you for writing, meredith

  14. I hope this comment, at least, gets the greenlight.

    “I only party because I’m looking for something!”

    that something being a wealthy, beautiful, socially trapped, unavailabe woman who everyone else thinks is shallow. jay(ne) gatsby confirmed.

    1. right!?!
      love the Gatsby parallels
      Boy oh boy do I hope Marigold turns out to be better than Daisy though.

      1. Holy shit, they’re even both named after flowers

  15. My favourite description of Jane is in the first arc she's in when Julie (I think???) is all "It's like you're smoking, even when you're not" -she just appears so effortlessly cool that it's interesting now to see her grappling with her insecurities like this.

    This strip also makes me think the reason she is so cool is that she's not easily persuaded by either Nai-Eve or Bad Eve (I get where you guys are coming from with the Cynic Eve thing but she just straight-up murdered her counterpart). She's stressed and freaking out, maybe, but she still knows herself.

  16. I like the subtle fade in color that Cynic Eve's speech bubbles have, but I'm not sure what that signifies. It sort of blends into the color of Jane's speech bubble — does that mean Jane is basically talking back at what was her own voice and thoughts (or maybe what was BECOMING her own negative thoughts)? Maybe I'm reading to much into it. It could have just been a sign that Cynic Eve was starting to fade, but I'd like to think there's more to that.

  17. It's telling that Cool Eve uses "Walden" as a pejorative verb. Being alone with your own thoughts is, to her, an unambiguously bad thing..

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