#780 – spit out at square one

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  1. I'm fairly sure that people who look like they have their shit together, are just really good at faking it.

    1. I have my shit together 101%, but try talking to me and I just mumble and drool!

  2. Oh, Will…if only Hanna actually believed you…

    Dang, that look on her face in the last panel 🙁

  3. Oh yes, I can definitely relate to the feeling of regressing to teenage levels of relationship knowledge when coming out from a long one.

    It's like you've been so much time dedicating yourself to one person that your ability to relate to other people goes limp from disuse. =/

  4. I love how this/the previous comic could have been the moment where Will and Hanna have a big slanging match and fall out for good, but instead he's putting all his business/Aimee stuff aside to try and cheer his friend up (the actual opposite of the purpose of the Ample Hills trip).

    But I really hope they're not about to do what I think they're about to do.

    Also "like an Argus Panoptes of other people's bullshit" is amazing and my new life goal.

    1. I, too, hope they're not about to do what we think they're about to do. Because if this isn't just an especially touching sort of reinforcement of the bonds of friendship, I'm going to be very worried for what happens between Will, Hanna and Eve. Especially with the "cracks" Eve saw splitting apart her bonds to the people close to her at this juncture in her life.

      Essentially, the question of "Who will end up with who?" may change to simply be "Do they end up with no one at all?" And that would be terrible.

      Worse would be if that question applied to all the characters' relationships with each other as a whole, be they platonic or romantic. (Although honestly I doubt Mrs. Gran would do something quite that devastating but I've seen the Heartbreak Bomb dropped on plenty of stories before)

  5. For not going to college, Will knows some relatively obscure greek mythology. Hit that wikipedia, Will!

    This is my favorite storyline in a while. Keep doin it toin it, Gran!

  6. History doesn't necessarily repeat itself, but it does rhyme. http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-11-02/630-not-perf

    1. i cried a little revisiting that. and thanks for the extreme pertinence of your quote. <3

  7. The only thing separating her situation from mine is that I'd be really, really uncomfortable fishing for validation like that from a former admirer. Like, really uncomfortable.

    1. I dunno, I think they've come far enough, and it's been *years*…they've settled comfortably enough into being friends that they can talk about this stuff, I think. I mean, they've kindof become the people who call one another out on each others' BS over the past few years, I find.

      1. I'm not sure they have though.. Maybe will has come far enough, but I dont really think hannah has. I get the impression this is leading somewhere bad.

  8. i want to think hanna doesn't feel so good at all about this conversation. i mean yeah she must realise the one person giving her the validation she's craving right now is the guy she tried to toy with. she should at least realise that that same guy is putting all his heavy drama aside just to cheer her up because no matter what she did in the past, they're friends now and that's what friends do sometimes: they help you get back on your feet. c'mon hanna, you were sort of together when you had marek, but you can be sort of together on your own too.

  9. It doesn't happen that often, but I find myself relating to Hannah, what with the 'experience' anxiety and relationship dysfunction. Hearing the 'low number' suggestion really hit me in a place that I'd like to forget exists.

    I've had a few partners, but I'll be 30 in two years and it doesn't feel like enough. Then again, I wonder if it ever could.

    Now excuse me while I make a misguided trip to OKCupid.

    1. 30 year old virgin here, buddy.

    2. Number of sexual partners ain't nothing but a number, honey.

  10. Ok u can stop with the business now. NO AWKWARD KISSES PLZ.

  11. Am I really the only one who doesn't think it's the end of the world IF Will and Hanna did/do hook up, and that, as far as 'shipping' Will/Eve, both of them still seem to possess a mindset wherein they like the idea of X partner better than the real person? I for one couldn't care less where Will puts his dick on any given day.

    Simply because: Meredith, your writing is brilliant. It continually impresses me how real you are able to make every one of your characters, especially in those moments where we see how fragile and confused every one can be, and then also how honest they are capable of being. (And for my part, I find the friendships in OP the most absorbing, but it all comes together so perfectly. Yours is absolutely one of the best comics out there!)

    OP isn't some YA romance where the point is that the end result should see everyone coupled off.

  12. Well this is crap. Hanna uses Will to mitigate her loneliness while Mark is away for a summer, a few years later Hanna uses Will to feel less lonely after breaking up with Mark. Nothing says "strong and independent" like latching on to people out of a fear or loneliness. Hanna is the weakest character of octopuspie!

    1. That’s a bit of an unfair assumption. Should she have toyed with Will in college? Of course not, but we all do stupid stuff when we’re young. She certainly seems to regret it now. I don’t think she’s using him now, though. They’re friends with years of history. Even if at one point there was a spark, we’ve seen no real indication that it persists today, or that Hanna is looking to Will for anything but the friendly comfort that comes from old friends.

      Still, even if something does happen between them, I’d hardly call her weak. She has fought/is fighting through some tough stuff, and seems to be doing pretty ok, all things considered.

  13. Oh yes, I can definitely relate to the feeling of regressing to teenage levels of relationship knowledge when coming out from a long one.

    It's like you've been so much time dedicating yourself to one person that your ability to relate to other people goes limp from disuse. =/

  14. If they kiss now im gonna be upset

    1. Thank God I’m not the only one noticing it

    2. That would be weird O_O

    3. It would be such a lazy out for the story.

      1. would it be? or would it be a realistic response for two people who are emotionally vulnerable and one who is desperately lonely and one that is drunk?

  15. oh god did i just. i just caught up with octopus pie. i just read all 6 years of octopus pie that i hadn't read since '09. what the fuck. wHat the FUCK ok

  16. (lain)

  17. If they kiss so much table flipping will be going on

  18. Hanna’s looking kinda like a sad adult lady version of the Little Prince there.

  19. Everyone is going off the rails on a crazy train in this comic.

  20. Am I the only one who has learned some new Greek mythology thanks to this comic

  21. That… Was not the right thing to say, Will.

  22. This doesn’t look like an incoming kiss at all, y’all. Hanna just looks too exhausted to continue this conversation.

  23. What happened to this comic? It used to be so happy and fun then life hit it with a frying pan and it started getting sad.

  24. Does anyone know when a new comic will be coming out? I just stumbled on Octopus Pie a few days ago and read them all! I’m so hooked I’m like a crackhead – I need my fix man!

    1. this is how the comic ends

    2. SAME. I need more!

    3. There doesn't seem to be a strict schedule, the comics tend to come in groups. The last three or four comics were all posted within a few days of each other, and now there's a bit of a break. In the long run, there tends to be around 10 comics a month.

  25. I get the feeling gran is leaving us in agony on purpose so the next strip packs a bigger punch. But thats just me.

    1. hah I\’m not so cruel, just busy. Updates will come in rapid succession soon!

  26. I love how this page mirrors the talk Eve had with Marek before he graduated, how they seemingly had it all figured out, but didn’t.

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