#779 – your number’s low

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  1. Interesting…. But I'm holding out for Will and Eve to get it together. #foevs

  2. omg exposition! I miss Marek 🙁

  3. I think her faces are the best when her nose vanishes.

  4. I'm not sure I know what they're talking about here, can any americans help me out? Thanks in advance!

    1. This is what I think, though I am old and out of touch so I could be getting it wrong.

      Panel 1: Hannah is saying that she made Will think she wanted to sleep with him (in college) and then turned him down. Or maybe they had a fling and he wanted it to be more.

      Panel 3: She's explaining her motivation; Marek was away (so she was horny/it might not hurt him as much) and she was afraid that she was making a lifetime commitment to Marek so he might be the last guy she ever slept with.

      Panel 5: It's the number of guys she has slept with.

      1. OK, I didn't get that last part myself.

      2. Thanks! I get it now. I was wondering if it was an obscure reference to something but its pretty straightforward.

  5. I TOLD you it was about the other kind of business. Downvotes can't change the TRUTH.

    1. I still think the other "business" they (or specifically, Will) was talking about was actual business in baking. Hanna right now, however…

  6. Will's reflection in the glass seems so deliberate. Maybe his past self turning his back on Hannah (like he hasn't fully forgotten it despite what he says?), or foreshadowing?

    I might be overthinking this.

    1. He seems genuine. Probably just beside himself at his realization.

  7. Oh man, boosting your self esteem thinking about how sad someone was that you let them down (expertly masked with guilty feelings). Is that what's happening? This is so accurate it's embarrassing!

    1. Dunno if it’s a lack of social experience, or denial or what on my part, but I’d be terrified if I said what Hannah said and somebody drew that conclusion from it. I’m a natural at getting mudbrain bad enough to involve (in as many ways as that word can be interpreted) myself with somebody, or accepting their invitations, while not actually knowing/thinking about what I *want* from them. And then at turning tail from them on a dime because I-don’t-even-know-why. Although I realize that has all the makings of a mighty fine BS excuse, and could probably also stand to double-check myself on the subject more often anyway, I can imagine doing [something similar to] what Hannah’s doing here, while trying pretty hard to take the *least-* jerky route possible. Successful/self-aware in doing so or not.

      But then again, Hannah’s in a different stage of social development from mine, *probably, * has perhaps given some fair reasons to believe the less-charitable takeaway, and generally isn’t me, so.

      Although it could also just be a case of “we all contain multitudes (or at least the potential for them),” (good writing, I think, Mrs. Meredith), but this comment is already hard enough to read and overdue to end.

  8. Oh snap Hanna went full manga on that last panel.

  9. For those who want to reread the college flashback comics:

    1. Thank you and your excellent memory! 😀

  10. So this might explain why Marek has been weird around Will.

    1. When has Marek been weird around Will? I don't remember this.

    2. I've never actually noticed or remember them interacting very much. Can anyone link a comic or two about this? 😮

  11. Oh nooo…

    It’s messy and complicated and true to life, but I’m too invested in Evill to be anything but dismayed. It was hard enough living through the Wimar Republic.

  12. No, Will, she's ready to live love and LIFE!!

  13. Betting pool for Hanna’s number!

    Only $1 per guess!

    1. Three. First was a horrible first time, second was a 3 week relationship that was firey and explosive and burned up and became toxic as fast as it started, third was Marek and perfect tru luv (or was it?!?!)

      1. …. this is eerily accurate to my own experience X_X

  14. New bucket list item: to have a reason to say "Yo!!!" with such vehemence

  15. http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-02-13/580-581-dude

    Finally hearing more about this backstory! Marek must have been back in Poland for the summer.

  16. http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-02-13/580-581-dude

    Finally hearing more about this backstory!

  17. goddamn I am hanna, hahaha

  18. If hannah is going to go to a place that I worry this is going to go to I am gonna be v. upset with her because she knows eve likes will >:{

    1. No? She's using him because she's still hung up on Park. Why does no one see this?

    2. its hard to say though! eve has said some confusing things about will since things have started up. She still isnt completely over park and mentioned how she thinks will is lost. I want eve and will together as much as anyone but I think grans about to pull a drama bomb on us.

  19. I miss Marek 🙁

  20. oh god do I ever miss Marek too 🙁

  21. Off topic but: my daughter is reading “Marceline Gone Adrift” right now and I recognized your name and tried so hard to explain that I was a fan of the artist before she started reading the comics. Then I had to give up, because I basically tried to pull a hipster maneuver on my daughter. So thanks for that.

    I love this storyline! I love the colors! I love your work!

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