#781 + 782 – we’ll work great together

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  1. This is adorable. I miss having friendships like this.

  2. I like the lighting change that comes with the rain in panels 1, 2 and 3.. because it's not just the change in weather, you can see it as Hanna's mood changing. In the first panel, it's there– that spontaneous feeling you get in the *exact* moment when somebody says something nice, and is just close enough that you could do something about it.

    There could have been *that* moment, right there, where things really changed between them.

    But then she pulls it back, she gets a grip, and the lighting changes, and her tune changes, and Will just looks at her like a big dope, as if he doesn't know what was going through her head just then.

    1. i cant get enough of that rain. i know Meredith controls the weather; but it is simply perfect, and so evocative in color. i wish i could be out in it.

  3. We dodged quite a potential kiss scene

    1. I don't think we're out of the woods yet…

    2. I'm still weary about it. Lets see how the chapter ends.

  4. Yes, Hanna, muss that hair. Don't make his day any worse than it already is.

  5. Oh man… I really have to just adore the coloring on that rainy sky, both in the panels of the bus shelter and the final panel. It's such a perfect representation of that atmosphere when the sun is setting behind dark clouds through rainfall. It's fucking gorgeous.

    And honestly I can't see this chapter ending any better than this page now, at least assuming this is the endpage in question. I love the reaffirmation of friendship and solidarity between Hanna and Will. I can easily see Hanna's expression being one of relief and acceptance, and I love that Will just looks so earnestly *happy* for Hanna's response. It's not elation or a wide-toothed grin, just that sort of face that says "I knew you'd come 'round."

    I'm still wondering about Eve, though. The chapter did kind of start with that flashback of her break-up with Park…

  6. Yay!
    Will + Hanna want to work together, and they're friends. 😀

  7. Woo potential kiss dodge. I hope so at least!

  8. Nice. Def trying this line next time I interview for a job.

    "So what makes you qualified for this job?"

    "I don't know but you're like an argus panoptes of people's bullshit. You're the most together person I know!"


  9. please don't kiss

  10. I'm more concerned by the potential punching in panel 6

  11. This love is all business no kisses, people! An is a good love.

    1. What about a Business Kiss?

  12. Its kind of exciting how much the fandom DOESN'T want Will and Hannah together. has MG actually created a comic that forces us to *think* about romance, rather than just assume it's always good all the time?? <3 <3 I loooove this writing.

    ((i'll be SO SAD if they kiss)) ((SO SAD))

    1. "has MG actually created a comic that forces us to *think* about romance, rather than just assume it's always good all the time?? <3 <3 I loooove this writing."

      not that MG's audience doesn't think about romance critically, but a lot of it probably has to do with just plain ol' popular shipping that you can see just about anywhere. Will/Eve is popular, so Will/Hanna is not going to be welcome.

  13. I really don't understand why there are so many assumptions that these two are somehow dodging kisses, about to kiss, or people asking them not to kiss. Can there not be a scene with two people of the opposite sex having a heartfelt talk about their lives and how much they mean to each other without people assuming it's leading to something romantic? If Hanna and Eve were having a similar conversation, Hanna finally opens up about some of the shit in her life and Eve finds common ground because of how shitty she thought her life was before, would everyone be hoping they wouldn't "kiss and mess everything up?" Can't say I see a lot of comments about dodged kisses anytime Hanna and Eve opened up to each other cus, up until this day in the story, Will and Eve might as well be the same person at this point to Hanna.

    1. I think it’s a combination of two things –

      1) The fact that the first part of this storyline was about Hanna expressing a desire to start dating again, and mentioning that she wished she could skip the “getting to know someone” part of it.

      2) The revelation that Will had a thing for Hanna in college and that Hanna was at least interested enough in him to lead him on while Marek was gone.

      Considering both of those things were just mentioned earlier in the storyline, it could be foreshadowing for something happening between them, and that’s what we’re all wondering.

      1. 1. The problem with that idea is that this chapter isn't about Hanna. Sure Will is trying to console her by talking about his experiences with her but ultimately this chapter is about Will. It's certainly hinting a little about Hanna maybe getting back into the dating pool but we're ultimately learning about this huge turning point in Will's life and Hanna finally coming out of her self-important funk and giving a shit about someone else's life, in the final panel, since Marek left.
        2. That whole page about the revelation is key to the argument. These two had a serious, romantic falling out and still managed to come back as friends. They've moved beyond any romantic feeling for each other because they already know it won't work. What they are left with is a deep understanding, respect, and concern for each other's happiness. Which is my point, Hanna can be concerned for Will's big life decisions and console him about it, as well as Will can be truly supportive and encouraging to Hanna without it being romantic because they've already found that a romantic relationship between them won't work, but they still care about each other.

  14. Am I the only person that is not in favor of Will/Eve? Not saying I'm for Will and Hanna or actually for any endgame pairing, just am not a fan of Will and Eve together permanently. I only mention this because a lot of the "kiss dodged" comments seem to be coming from a place of Will/Eve being the most prevalent OP OTP.

    1. I am a fan of will and eve but I'm more concerned with them not kissing because it would be a bad idea for both of them. Will just broke up with aimee and just entered a business agreement with hannah. Kissing now would be so messy complicated. Hannah would be taking advantage of will's vulnerable state just to settle for something that is easy to cure her loneliness instead of putting herself out there. It would be a really shitty move for both of them to kiss right now.

    2. And I bet a portion of Evill shippers are really coming from an anti-Peve place. We just have yet to meet a better alternative for her.

    3. Well for me it's more because of Harek (Hannarek?) They will be my OTP forever.

      1. For character reasons and just personal growth, I think in the end Hanna and Marek breaking up is good for both of them. They were together for years and had a comfortable relationship but it wouldn't go in the direction either of them really wanted. Marek wanted to start a family and Hanna didn't. I'm really glad that neither of them didn't cave on the issue to preserve their relationship because that would probably just lead to resentment.

        At the same time though I really loved them together. Everyone loved them together. They worked well together and brought some of the more memorable moments to the comic – ranging from comedic to insightful and everything in between. And Meredith knew that. And that's why they broke up. Why would she forsake us like that?

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