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  1. Love the low-rez photo panels; love them artifacts. it's a nice touch

    1. I waited a very long time for the comic to load properly before I realised…

  2. I know this is obvious, but Hannah has an utterly different personality than she did in the beginning of the comic. I find it hard to believe her when she says that smiling with her teeth is not her. The old her absolutely would do that. I don't get it.

    1. Perhaps she just doesn't know herself?

    2. It's been a decade since the first comic. Is it that hard to believe that she's not the same person she was ten years ago? Do any of us have the same personality?

      I know I definitely don't. Me and ten-years-ago me would not have been friends.

      1. Is Octopus Pie on real time? I mean, I know the characters aren’t on standard comic time (Dennis the Menace would be like what, 87 years old now or something?) but does one year of our time equal one year of theirs? Or is it like 2 to 1? Personally I’d say it feels like about 4 or 5 years have passed in the comic’s internal timeline.

      2. Wait, have 10 years really passed in the comic? I always thought it was more like 3 or 4.

    3. This is Hannah when she’s sober.

    4. Also: remember how mad Hannah got when that lady told her to put on a shirt? hannah has always had an edge to her. And remember all those times she got super intense and businessy about work. Hannah is feeling that impatience and frustration about her own life. In the beginning, she was with her long term boyfriend and was happy, so her intense side wasn’t directed inward.

    5. All of this. Sober, depressed, and lonely is a bad mix for anyone, and can destroy any personality. Besides, she's been so far out of the dating scene that this is all foreign territory. She had security, even if it wasn't meant to be. She could be who she wanted to be and still be secure in knowing acceptance. With Marek gone, so goes someone who, for better or worse, impacted her personality in so many ways. The yang without the yin, the duck without the bread… alla that.

    6. You may have missed the point. Smiling with teeth – as opposed to smiling in a more idiosyncratic way – is for yuppies, and thus anathema to Hannah then as now.

    7. That's funny -although I definitely agree she's changed a lot (like, the second most-changed behind Eve probably which is interesting) I didn't read her "smiling with teeth" comment in that way at all.

      I took it more to mean fake-smiling, you know when people smile with only part of their face but it's obviously forced. Hanna's more jaded (and sober) than she was at the start of the comic, but even in the beginning she only ever smiled/laughed with her entire body (somehow???) and she's always been a fan of irony, so that part makes sense.

      Basically it is hella good characterisation.

  3. Horse. Such a powerful book.

    1. source of all horse.ebooks.

  4. Ugh, dating sites. I guess I should try one of those…

  5. Can we all just agree to drop the pretenses? Can we all agree that spending the night in our sweat pants on the couch with the cat watching Netflix is often way more fun than going out to a club that’s too dark/loud/expensive, pretending for pretenders?

    1. Uh, I’d have to choose a third option there, cuz both of those things are only fun for about an hour for me. I prefer playing music – ha, at home or out, either way… long as I’m doing something, y’know?

      1. I agree. I feel like there's a 3rd alternative to these 2. Like I just went to a barcade and beat a bunch of guys as Chun-Li, proclaiming "I am the most powerful woman in the world!" Now THAT was fun.
        Or catching bands or comedy clubs.. I don't know. I like to get out, but I agree that there are much, MUCH better things then dark clubs.

  6. “You don’t go into this with a smirk” But that’s her default expression!

  7. I like that the "old photos" are drawn more like the older style of the comic. Cool to see it side by side. Good job!

    1. I didn't even notice but you're totally right! 😀

  8. That low rez made me do a double take; I thought my computer hadn't loaded. Effect achieved!

  9. Oh, and Will: We all know it's your chair. We all had that chair too.

  10. No one is commenting on what Will on a dating site means for him and Eve??!!

    1. I'm thinking he has it from a while ago, and just never got rid of it. My friend still has an okcupid profile even though he's currently in a relationship that started on tinder.

    2. What about Will and Aimee? What happened with her?? D:

    3. They aren't in a serious relationship AFAIK?

    4. lol, I was wondering the same thing.


    5. dude, they've just been having sexy times- no relationship here. she has been caught up emotionally in the stuff with park, and realizes that her past shit with will was dumb, but still doesn't want to be involved with anyone. she's in the same boat as hannah, just in a different way.

  11. I've always loved, since octopuspie's earliest days, how Hannah has the most realistic feet of anyone in this 'verse. It's strangely endearing. (Just like her incapability for pretense.)

  12. I want to see Larry's dating profile
    "I like long walks on the beach and leftovers"

  13. Whut, will plays the guitar
    Am i somehow not surprised that he has the perfect hipster guy dating profile…. ahahaha. Will.

    1. Well, he’s HOLDING a guitar…

  14. what did i say will. that is a college freshman's chair.

  15. Wait wait wait is he shirtless hiking IS HE SHIRTLESS HIKING


  16. There is no third option, Hannah. They'll convince you trimming the tree is just to look presentable, "we're just covering up the gnarled whorls and putting your best leaf forward." Anybody with a backbone would feel some knee jerk reaction this. Bitch, that gnarled whorl isn't a flaw. You don't think it is, I don't think it is, we're just assuming other people do.

    But you'll do it, because otherwise you get nothing. Start loving to laugh and exploring the city because you're always up for adventures, because that is the tone of online dating. Either try to hack it irl or fall in line on-line. There is no third option.

  17. oh my god i just realised i would date will. i'm noping so hard.

  18. That "What to Post For Dating Photos" description is so dead on from what I've seen. 90% of the guys on Tinder love the outdoors, have a picture of themselves playing the guitar and mention "KCCO" in the profile.

    1. I'm a Tinder gal myself and I just love guessing what the people actually are like through the outdoorsy and partying pictures. (That and boats and abs).

      I myself am more in tune with Hannah on this. I have like one good picture and then one with a pineapple on my head and another with breadsticks up my nose.

      I still match 😀

      1. rofl. This is literally my tinder profile. The only pictures I have outside of a handful of webcam snaps are a) me on a boat (i've been on a boat like twice in my life) and b) pictures of me outdoors on the same trip as the boat pictures. What am I actually like? god I don't even know anymore. probably boring, like Will minus the drug dealing excitement, or friends.

  19. Yeah, that's right; acknowledge the chair.

  20. The shaft of light coming in the window in the last two panels is so divine and natural. I had to look at them a few times to figure out why I loved them so much.

  21. This comic's colors makes me feel like I'm tasting a rainbow sorbet…too perfect.

  22. Reminds me of how my bf still has shirts from his undergrad that he always says he HATES … and yet keeps because of the memories. Or something.

    1. Well, wearing a shirt you hate is preferable to spending $5-7 on a new shirt. I mean, that's the price of a pretty decent beer, and who cares what's on your body? Not me, after I've had a pretty decent beer.

  23. Is that one of those hammock chairs?? God I love mine. No shame. <3

  24. That pumpkin ^^ I want to think that's the brand logo, not some random sticker on the comp.

  25. Just in my view- if Larry is good to his girlfriends: I think that Eve should end up with Will, + that Hanna should end up with Larry.
    Is Larry a good guy, do you think?

    1. larry is the best kind of guy

  26. Love, LOVE the contrast between all of Will's "cheesy smile" dating pics and then his more real, "this is life" expression on the 4th panel. Such a visual contrast of the persona we put online vs. reality. So well-done

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