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  1. Poor Hanna! I kinda miss chill Hanna… so far this storyline is definitely mixing stuff up I guess

  2. What can I say. Pharmacists are hot.

    1. Yes, we are!

    2. "You got anything to help out with this problem I'm having?"
      "Yah, let me just get you 100 cc's of MY FACE" *glomp*

    3. This is a sloppy pharmacist- he should let the other guy drag him out from behind the counter. Now the other guy could fill his pockets with prescription meds while they roll around on the pharmacy floor pawing at each other. Rookie mistake.

  3. If Hanna is going to do a hookup of regret, it better be with Larry, because I ship Will × Eve too much.

    1. I'm scared this will come down to:

      1) Either Hanna and Will hooking up OR

      2) Hanna will try to hook up with Will, but he'll reject her

      Either way, her quip of wanting to "just meet someone [she] can instantly be [herself] around and have already been dating for months" felt ominous, and I'm terrified of the outcome D:

      1. Yeah, I could totally expect #2 and a bigger Hanna meltdown.

        1. Nooooo! I didn't think about that, but it makes so much sense.

        2. Ugh so nervous, everything you guys are saying is so logical but I JUST DON'T WANT IT

  4. The longer this goes on the surer I am I'm gonna pass out laughing at the last two panels

  5. Ah, good ol DJ Whocares. The dude's a classic.

  6. Oh, U2. U 2 crazy 4 me.

    1. I had to actually look up the lyrics. Laughing that I didn't recognize them.

  7. hanna realizes the thirst is real

  8. I like that dj whocares could be either the name of the dj not mattering to the reader at all or just an actual dj name

  9. April is the cruellest month…

  10. feelin Hanna's moop lately. Somehow wherever I sit, a couple sits next to me and starts macking on each other. I used to be a magnet for ladies with small children…honestly I'm not sure at this point what's worse.

    1. Macking? Damn girl, the 90’s called. Haha. XD

      And no, no, the small children are way worse. Little harbingers of plague and high pitched screams…

      1. What? The 90s did??

        DID YOU WARN THEM!?!?

  11. People often have sex, i think i once remember people like to have sex on the fourth month. Where does the sex come from?

  12. What's the next song DJ Whocares is going to play? "Everyone Except You"?

  13. Passionate romance goes "klink."

  14. Wow! Our pharmacist isn't as romantic as that, in MY town! : )

  15. Darn it. I've just read that Octopus Pie is probably coming to an end, soom.

    That's all well and good, but I like O.P. sooooo much, that I wish it would continue for a few more years. You know what I mean? ;D

    1. Things end. Rather it end well, and planned than having Eve and Hanna jump over sharks on water skis.

      1. Thanks. I most heartily agree. Octopus Pie is one of the best.

        [ Said very, very sheepishly]- But I liked "The Fonz", doing his celebrated jump, on his stylish water skis. 😀

  16. I played "Steal My Sunshine" in my car today in honor of this comic 😀

  17. Great. Now I can't get the song out of my head.

  18. Isn't it obvious? The pharmacist gave that guy love potion.

    1. Mr. Duncan you're insurance wouldn't cover LP #9 however the generic LP #69 is covered.

  19. As I am away in a Northern community, I patiently wait for the one webcomic that is not blocked by the administration’s deadly ‘Barracuda’. I never have been so eager to see comments and art, even though I love this comic to death, and it never disappoints. Thank you all, and enjoy the true spring ;p

  20. So are there grocery stores that have DJs in their music mix? Whenever I go in, it's just music on repeat, occasionally interrupted by a garbled howl that the employees can all somehow understand as spoken instructions.

  21. I applaud Meredith for not copy-pasting art in the last two panels, like numerous shitty webcomics on the net

    1. haha this is one of the rare occasions where I DID! the medicine rack at least. I wanted to save myself and the colorist a headache. :B

    2. Well, any part of the 'set,' if viewed from the same angle in more than one frame, is supposed to look the same each time, so it totally makes sense to copy things like that. It's when you get to copying people or planning out your strips to use the same "shot" frame after frame that it becomes hacky.

  22. "I'll have what he's having"… 🙂

  23. Those reflections in the first panel… dude, I feel like I submerge into the story. So frigging awesome!!!!

  24. I would bang a pharmacist. Like, bang, bang, bang, aspirin, bang, bang, bang, merbromine. But I also think it depends on the pharmacist.

  25. No one's mentioned the absolute GLOW on the lady in panel 3. It's just so cute and great coloring. It makes me want to blush like that at someone. d'aww


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