#771 – summer for suckers

31 thoughts on “#771 – summer for suckers

  1. Oh man! I just want Eve and Will to get together and stay together!

    1. My wishful thinking made me assume that Will was texting Even, and then in reading the page the millionth time, I realized that Hannah was the one texting him and I was hella disappointed

      1. It’s Will texting Hannah. It’s seen from Hannah’s cell

      2. Think of how disappointed Hannah will be…

  2. Fuck Seasons. Amiright?

  3. So…Will was waiting to quit his job to do "something" today. Hanna is looking to dip her toe back in the dating pool. Will used to have a thing for Hanna, years ago. Hanna and Will have been baking together.

    Is he asking to meet with her to propose they become business partners, or to propose they start dating?

    1. hanna is too reluctant to d8 right now, and will has more than enough women on his plate.. not sure either of those things necessarily make sense tbh. also, i can totally see will just taking a break from working in general for a time

    2. Hannah wants to date people she already knows and can be herself around. She's also transitioning away from her former weed-infused lifestyle, just as Will gives up selling weed.

      1. I know. As soon as I realized the text was to Hannah's phone and not Eve's, I felt so weird and heebie-jeebie-ish. But really, it's not that illogical when you think about it. It's just emotionally odd

  4. Summer For Suckers 2k15 is gonna be my theme this year.

  5. I see what you did there! Covering will’s answer to eve with that bubble!!! Poor hannah!

    1. Wait no, not Eve, Hannah!

  6. "Jumble your coconut"
    This delights me

    1. Better than a broken and pissed on Coconut

  7. *Loads comic into Photoshop to try to drag that speech bubble in the center panel out of the way*

  8. w-
    a reli? a relm? a rell?? uhg
    (fucki)ng nuts

    Welp those are all the clues. Someone break the code. Please someone do it.

    1. I think part of it is "well, I finally quit my job. I thought it would be a relief but instead I'm going nuts."

    2. I thought the im might be irr (as in irritating), which is what she might be calling eve 😀

    3. my first guess is something about how he thought quitting his job would have been freeing but all the free time/bad thoughts/time with his roommate isn't a relief but is driving him fucking nuts

      but I'm often wrong 🙁

  9. "Going out there with unresolved shit can really jumble your coconut"
    Is it just me or does this need to be on a t-shirt?

  10. ok, I'm confused. Who started that convo, Will or Hanna? Is the message we're not allowed to see (dammit!) from Will or from Hanna?

    1. On an iphone, your responses will always be in blue, to the right. The person you are talking with is always on the left, in grey. So Will is the one who started the convo with Hanna.

  11. Man, that last scene… the colors… I could stare at it the whole day. Wooow…

  12. I appreciate how punny the names of the food items are.

    Also: nice usage of green, especially in the last panel.

  13. Now I want a Rye Cooder.

    Or a Cap'n Pitard.

  14. AAHH THAT'S MY BUILDING! Those are my common area windows in the 6th panel!

  15. I like how the raindrops on the phone panel introduce the rain..

  16. I really wanna try the ol’ dirty bâtard… Please tell me this is a real place

  17. In panel #6: if you look at Eve from the wrong angle, it looks like she is about to bite her burrito, with big, jagged teeth. That's cool!

  18. The greens are beautiful on the last panel. Perfect for a rainy Spring, when greens become super vivid.. so dreamy

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