#774 + 775 – over the moon

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  1. Now you'll have to buy another pan, you dweeb.

    1. It looks like a cast iron pan. I’d be more worried about breaking the floor and having to buy another.

      1. Yup. A good pan can take a lot more punishment than a floor tile.

    2. this username was exactly what I was thinking as I scrolled down here. i love this comic.

  2. Oh man. I wonder what has been up between Amiee and Will all this while. She’s still been living upstate in the weekdays I guess?

  3. Damn.

  4. Well, he got the pan going somewhere, I guess…

  5. This is true to life: Going through a painful breakup somehow doesn't make you more tactful about other people's painful breakups. (I believe we have here subcategory you-dumped-her-so-what-right-do-you-have-to-complain.)

    1. I really dislike that concept though. You totally have the right to be mad or sad after breaking up with someone. And this is coming from someone who is typically the dumpee.

      1. Oh, I don't like it either. I'm just saying that after I'd been dumped I tended to feel that way, which led to me being not totally the best friend to people sometimes.

    2. I don’t think Will and Aimiee broke up though? They’re just “weekends together” kinda sort of relationship that isn’t called a relationship.

      1. I figured that panel 4 meant that Will had made more than one major life decision. One was quitting his job, and one was probably dumping Aimee. (Which Hanna might know about from seeing his texts on Eve's phone.)

      2. I think that you’re kinda-right. He doesn’t get to see her often enough to want to continue it, but feels reluctant to carry on. Caught between “She didn’t really do anything wrong” and “How can you have a relationship with someone you never see?”

      3. Yeah, but if he told Aimiee "Yeah so I can't really see you anymore" / "We can't be a 'weekends together' relationship at all anymore" what would you call that? They had SOME sort of a relationship at least — not the conventional dating/romantic/sexual sense, but an association with the other, which Will seems to have called off. So yeah, how it was "sort of" a relationship, it was "sort of" a break up, and not a very good one regardless :/

  6. Is Hanna rockclimbing with Will now? Is that a callback to way back when he and Eve first did whatever?

  7. Wait, what? Can someone explain Will's reaction to me? Is he being sarcastic that she's happy, or is he mad that she took it so well?

    1. Yeah I find it kinda confusing too. I feel like it's the "upset that she took it well" one, however.

      I'm… not super sure what news is being referred to, though? is it Will leaving his job, or did we hear that he's planning to move too or something?

      1. I'm sort of confused too. However, I think the reaction is towards her NOT taking it well and him being really sarcastic on the matter.

        My confusion has to do with: Is Aimee upset about Will not dealing pot anymore, or did he break up with her?

        1. I'm pretty sure this comic implies that he just broke up with her making it the other major life decision hannah is referencing.

      2. Really I thought the sarcasm meant "She's really not pleased and I feel terrible about it but it had to be done" kindof thing.

    2. He's being sarcastic. Obviously Aimee didn't take it well; she really liked Will. Breaking up was painful for him, and he's trying to deal with that pain by throwing a cast-iron pan around, because he is an adult who makes excellent decisions.

  8. I really like the color design on this one, blue Hanna, red Will, mounting anger, so nice.

  9. Can you imagine how Hannah must feel when Will and Eve and all cuddlin' and she knows about him and Aimee.
    After her whole breakup, it must bother her.
    Or maybe it doesn't since she made her stance on jealousy and relationships to be pretty liberal.
    But still.
    She's changed a lot since then…

  10. OMG all my webcomics that I follow keep amping up the drama at the same time and I don't know how much more of this I can take.

    1. I was literally just saying the same thing. Everything's gotten so dramatic/sad. And the only one that's still on a somewhat happy note hasn't updated in a month.

  11. thistemporarylifeblog

    Huh. Well. That's one way to react…

  12. Riiiiiiiiight.

  13. so is will mad because he feels like he doesn't mean enough to anyone to actually make an impact when he leaves? that's what it seems like here. that's how i'd feel, if my boss was really pleasant about me quitting (like i wasn't all that helpful anyway and maybe they were tossing around the idea of firing me) and my significant other wasn't too fussed about me wanting to break up with them (like maybe THEY were thinking about breaking up with ME, too)

    to be honest will might want to focus on the positives here, like the fact that it's all mutual! and he can go forge some new, meaningful relationships now (of course, none of that's exactly easy to do…)

  14. That's really a shame for Aimee. She appears to be a very nice person.

  15. Windows 98…ahh…that's so old LOL

  16. Hey, thats a brooklyn boulders t shirt! Climbers unite!

  17. I wonder what has been up between Amiee and Will all this while. She's still been living upstate in the weekdays I guess?

  18. These comic are just too nice!

  19. Noooooo! The trash was just an innocent bystander!

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