#770 – play the game

I think I was admitting through this page that I'm personally most comfortable in bars. My dating life ended in 2013, just before the explosion of Tinder and the mirage of endless selection that plagues its users. This is a pretty warmed-over observation by now but there's something to be said for limitations, for finding things you like about a person who happens to be available. To Hanna the horizon is endless, and her imaginary perfect soulmate awaits. Eve may not be much closer to her goal of finding someone, but at least she doesn't despair. With a search that is seemingly endless and involves a lot of waiting and striking out, patience is an asset.

4 thoughts on “#770 – play the game

  1. "Eve I know how smalltalk works. I taught YOU how to do it." -> I have ended friendships over stuff like this, which seems small but builds up over time. You can't treat friends like underlings at work. Or you can, but they are going to going to leave you. Does Hanna have anyone she feels inferior to? Obviously Marigold but that's so deeply buried it comes out as open hatred.

  2. Eve's angry jerking off motion in the final panel is one of my favorite shots in the entire series.

  3. I adore both "Two male-associated drinks, please" and "I just love wearing clothes, I guess!"

  4. That guy was negging Eve by implying that her dress was handmade. What a PUA. Good on Eve for taking it in stride!

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