#771 – summer for suckers

Eve and Hanna are at Scratchbread, a bakery in Bed Stuy that has closed. I read they're trying to reopen soon under a new name (in this mysterious new world, who knows).

I can't remember how many times I ended up invoking this, but clearly coconuts had become a theme in Eve's life since her date with Will, an ambiguous force contained within a shell that is battered, filthy, and difficult to crack.

6 thoughts on “#771 – summer for suckers

  1. I really do love "jumble your coconut".

  2. I forgot how much time I spent trying to figure out exactly what Will says here. Until now, of course.

  3. …And pissed on by a dog.

  4. I've been trying to remember where I read spring was "summer for suckers" for years

  5. I like how the colors shift and change on the wall. It's alive!

  6. That last panel feels plucked right out of a John Allison comic, I love it.

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