#725 – hanna

29 thoughts on “#725 – hanna

  1. Sometimes all you KNEAD is perspective.

    SO LONG #EscapesInAHotAirBalloonPoweredByTerriblePuns

  2. That three-panels sequence. Yes.

  3. Wow. I didn't know Hana was so broke.
    She really Kneads Dough.

    1. She might be working on a custom halloween costume there?

  4. Honestly, kind of nice to see Hanna not being a total slob. She just looks like her mind is clearer

  5. How can that cat just lie there with all those cool cat toys surrounding her?

  6. Does Hanna have a cat? Or is that Eve's cat, named, Manuel?

  7. Dang, the colors look really great. I enjoy this as a B&W comic, but the colors really kick it up a notch.

  8. Hannah looks so calm and happy!

  9. This is her response to all of the earlier comments about her buns.

  10. In the past little while, Hannah has evolved from kind of a charicature to an actual person, it's really nice.

  11. Yay back to baking!

    She's kinda beautiful in the 4th and 6th panels.

  12. So she's found an outlet for stress that works. What exactly was causing the stress in the first place? Why did she want to browse/judge people on [insert social network] and now run? Being able to clear your mind helps you get work done. It also leaves you able to think through your problems. I hope Hannah gets back to herself. I don't think Eve is a very good wisdom bitch replacement for Hannah.

    1. Sorry if you were being rhetorical! But Hanna just lost Marek recently, her best friend besides Eve is in NYC, and her favorite thing, weed, isn’t working for her anymore. So for the first time since the story started, Hanna is alone. She doesn’t have any of the things she has relied on up to this point. And this is really the first time Eve has had to take care of Hanna. So Hanna runs so she forgets everything for a little while, it’s the only high she gets anymore.

      1. I was, but no need for an apology! I thought, "So Hanna runs so she forgets everything for a little while, it's the only high she gets anymore." was a great way of summing up what Hannah's been doing so far.

        I just liked that Hannah was such a grounded character. I think it's good see her have to deal with having her life shaken up, but I just want her to deal with it well, instead of putting it off and assuming she can get a runners high and forget about it (I can't say yet if this is gonna be her solution). Like, I would be let down by her character if she wasn't capable of the self analysis to realize she probably has to tackle some deeper problems other than just the surface stress.

        She's alone. I'd like to see her deal with it differently than how Eve or Marigold has (since I'm not really on board with what they've done).

  13. Man, this comic is so good! Not going through a breakup, but my boyfriend and I just moved to the west coast after I'd lived five years in New York and him 12, and Hanna's readjusting to a new life is really resonating with me right now.

  14. I have mixer envy of Hanna's Kitchen Aid mixer. Awesome red and ready to go!!!

  15. Contentment.

  16. So recognisable! For us who are in their heads too much nothing heals like a period of physical sensing activity…

  17. Ooh, Hanna sewed herself a cat puppet.

  18. Wooooow…

  19. Oh man, it IS Hanna's new method of baking!

  20. Yay, baking bread! Carb Therapy the right way!

  21. How hanna got her groove back

  22. the colors on this page are amazing!!!!

  23. Odd, Seeing Hannah getting out of her depression at this time is inspiring to myself.

  24. haters gonna hate hate hate hate

    hanna's just gonna bake bake bake bake bake

  25. Finally, a genuine comic of the heat of the bake scene intensity finals for real for ever for JUSTICE.

  26. This makes me so happy and hopeful!!

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