#723 + 724 – to the line

Whew, fall! This is the last of the October updates - on to November! I'll be traveling a bit so you may see more double pages this month. If you're a Patreon supporter, thanks for helping to fund our first month of color comics! And thanks to Sloane for coloring them! If you haven't pledged through Patreon yet, please consider being a part of it - our total was just barely funded this month, and truthfully I've been losing a lot of revenue on declined pledges (update your info, y'all!) and credit card fees. I'll write a bit more about this soon, but in short: your support really matters!

50 thoughts on “#723 + 724 – to the line

  1. awww, what a perfect page to be in color!

  2. love the color on this

  3. As a runner, I'm happy to see her giving it an honest effort.

  4. Ooohhhh – you *have* to make this a poster. Please, please please? For all of us struggling runners out there?

    1. I would buy that as a poster lol, can always use motivation for that

  5. This is such a perfect representation of those first runs. 🙂

    And great color work.

  6. I love this; the look of 'I do not want to do this' at the beginning to the accomplished 'I did it!' face at the end. Go Hanna! <3

  7. TheAntiHumorEquation

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses "come on just make it to that tree oh god just make it to the tree" as running motivation.

    1. Do what you gotta do.

    2. I do a lot of aerobics videos, and mine is “Just to the end of this song” Not the only one, at all.

    3. That's actually like, a really often recommended technique.

  8. This is why the comic is in color.

  9. Precisely my experience with beginning a running routine. Perfect.
    It's good to see Hanna smile again, even if it is just in repose.

  10. Runner's High Runner's High Runner's High. Any other smoker's out there who muster up the will to run now and then? So giddy you might actually quit cigs.

    1. One high replaced another 😛

  11. Updated my Patreon info! Thanks for the reminder.


    1. What did Peter Noone ever do to you?

  13. Good stuff, Hannah. You can't get to where you can run six miles overnight!

  14. In the first panel, is Hanna awake in bed and thinking about her latest run, or is she about to fall asleep and this will be her dream about running?

    1. I think that's her waking up early and thinking "Oh God, what am I doing to myself".

    2. I think Hanna is waking up early to run.

    3. Looks more like Insomnia to me.

  15. i think its pretty kewl that hanna hasn't been toking up during this transition either. or maybe she still totally is, i dunno, but at least she isn't self-medicating behind a haze of weed. that's some neat character development

  16. Couch to 5k?

  17. Is she using a tabata timer? That three, two, one countdown is an all too haunting memory of that one time that I exercised

  18. I used exercise to get over a break-up once. Now it helps with everyday stresses. It's my thinking time. It's for me; no-one else.

    1. yep ever since I started lifting and running, Ive felt more confident and genuinely happier

      fitness on top of it is like a bonus

  19. Yeah.

    Yeah, Hanna,

    Yeah, Meredith.

    I can relate to this storyline so humblingly much.

    Thank You

    1. Same here, buddy, same here.

  20. poor hannah still sleeps on her side of the bed 🙁

  21. Dat empty pillow tho 🙁

    1. I didn't notice until now *sobs*

  22. I really like how the perspective has switched from Eve to Hannah. Very gracefully done. You are an excellent storytellerrrrr Mmmmeerredith? (I feel weird just kind of saying the author's name unto the void of internet. But seriously, great work.)

  23. Endorphins by any means necessary 🙂

  24. This page does a better job of capturing what it feels like to start running than anything I've ever seen.

  25. Running is assume, I wish I still had knees that worked 100%

  26. I'm so proud of Hanna!

  27. Achievement Unlocked: Exercise High!

  28. Couch to 5k as a major emotional touchstone of our generation.

  29. Love seeing what Hannah sees in that sliver of sky panel.

  30. I really like the empty speech bubbles as heavy breathing. Nice touch.

  31. These panels… so beautiful… wooow…

  32. Will this be Hanna's new method for baking?!

  33. will she quit smoking?

  34. Silly Hanna! You can sit in the sun all day *without* all the running & sweating. 🙂

  35. Out of all the fantastic "just woke up" faces in this comic, this one is the most perfect by far.

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