#720 – maintain form

23 thoughts on “#720 – maintain form

  1. Aw yess, now that's something I can relate to.

    Also, it's cool to see these two again and especially cool to see Greg choosing the coolest venue of self-improvement.

  2. fuck yoga. ohmagad.

    1. I need that shirt!!!!

  3. can't wait for megaBuff hanna
    also the colour still looks great! I was mildly concerned at first that it would look STRANGE AND UNNATURAL but it work really well with the comic and even though its a big change it feels like a small change which is good. well done to everyone involved!

  4. I'm somehow less surprised that Greg is there than the guy with the six-pack.

    You can tell he's the guy who's going to drop the whole work-out routine if he ever figures it doesn't get him a girlfriend.

  5. But but but… what about the nerd stuff??

    1. This is nerd stuff. Intense interest in a subject, strong ideas about the "right" way to do it, contempt for people who practice "lesser" forms of the same interest…

      Chris is a muscle and fitness nerd.

  6. You guys, I tried exercising once. IT WAS SO HORRIBLE. SO HORRIBLE.

    1. I guess everyone must have tried it at one point or another. it's one of those things you just have to go through ^^

    2. I like exercising but I don't like it enough to want to do it often or regularly. The good feels wear off too quickly and the results show up too slowly. 🙁

  7. That's terrible form Greg. I can't even tell if you're doing a row or a deadlift, I mean come on, step it up Greg.

  8. Just take up rock climbing Hanna! Go to the gunks.

    Seriously though Will climbs. A good time to reconnect !

    1. hah that's one way to develop an ass, Ive never met a girl who rock climbs that doesn't have a sweet booty

  9. Love the lobby of severely injured suckers, and Greg's "ha ha I'll do my best". Fuckin' Crossfit trainers, man.

    1. Holy crow, I didn't even see that until you pointed it out. I was too focused on the crossfit monologue to notice!

      "Abandon all yoga, ye who doth enter here…"

      1. The Crossfit disdain for non-lifters is real, man

    2. Nah man. That's what a crossfit gym looks like when everyone's finished a good WOD. I've seen a trainer curl up in the fetal position in his wifes lap after a hero WOD.

  10. Chris: Do you follow so far? Is it making sense?

  11. At least running is good for something besides bloating your muscle mass. *grumble*

  12. "Stop here, Greg."

    ::holds that lift for the rest of the comic::

  13. Maybe Hannah's not understanding deliberately, just to see how long Greg can keep holding that thing.

    This reminds me of a roommate that tried to get me into lifting weights a while back. He kept leaving his spotting position while I was bench pressing to go talk about lifting with the other guys in the gym, like "eh you can handle it."

  14. The first panel reminds me of my old high school senior fitness class.

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