#719 – glue

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  1. Oh yes we do Eve.

    1. How the hell else am I gonna fasten this thing to this other thing.

    2. …to repair those broken hearts *single tear*

  2. colors look great on this one

    I know this won't happen but please don't let hannah die doing a dumb crossfit thing thank you

  3. Eve is, like, *blooming* with a sad friend to take care of. She was a nurturer all this time and we didn’t know!

    1. Eve is messed up in her own way, her advice here is just a reflection of that.
      "If you're single you don't need glue" you don't even know the names of the guys you sleep with you literally lost track of them that is no mere lack of glue you've gone beyond not needing glue YOU'RE FALLING APART EVE YOU'RE EVEN PICKING YOUR NOSE ***IN FRONT OF ANOTHER PERSON***

      1. So, I'm actually a big proponent of it being totally okay to pick your nose anyway, but I'm retty sure she's picking her teeth. Cuz she just finished eating that… chickeny thing?

      2. She's picking at food in her teeth.

      3. I think she's picking food out of her teeth.

      4. I find the comment about Eve falling apart, like, kind of slut-shamey?

        1. it kind of is

        2. We're not talking about casual sex we're talking about an unhealthy excess of it.

          Come on not everything is slutshaming.

        3. She's falling apart so badly she *has one night stands and doesn't feel bad about herself.* The horror!

        4. Alright someone correct me if I'm wrong but,

          DOESN'T she feel bad about her one-night stands? Did I miss out on a development or something? I distinctly remember her staring at the ceiling with a sad expression after at least a couple of them, like with the guy who wrote that potluck article.

          When you jump at "slutshaming", I feel like you're really missing the point and turning this into something it never was. Excess of anything is bad. If someone was over-exercising, you'd feel worried for them, wouldn't you? It's not because exercise is bad. It's because they're using it to compensate for a different problem in their life and if they're not careful they're going to give themselves a hernia and ultimately when you do anything excessively then you're not really in control of it.

        5. We really don't know how she feels about her one-night-stands; nobody in the comic ever discusses them, and Meredith doesn't comment on them here.

        6. I think Eve's behavior makes it pretty clear, though (or at the very least opens it up for speculation/discussion), that the whole thing is symptomatic of how her life currently is.

          Not the cause! I'm not saying it's the CAUSE. I'm just saying that her life at the moment is hazy and directionless: her work situation isn't as stable as it used to be. Almost all her friends are moving in different yet definite directions (even if it's not a direction that makes them happy, they're still at least moving SOMEWHERE). Meanwhile she's just sort of hanging around, having the occasional weird prophetic dream that itself suggests to her that she's going around in meaningless circles (the dream with the melting party) or stuck at an unresolved something in her past (the recurring dream with Park, he's all "Do you have something to say?" and the dream ends before Eve could say a single real word).

          Her sex life reflects all of that, it is hazy and directionless because the rest of her life is hazy and directionless. That's all I said or even implied. I'm not putting the sex life thing up as a great harbringer of disaster, I mean I put it on the same level as picking your nose in public ffs (even though she's really picking her teeth but still). If anything there should be more people impugning me for nose-picking-shaming. So what if I want to digitally clear my sinuses, so what if that makes me a bit of a gold digger?? This booger's got to GO!

      5. Not to disregard all of the slutshamey stuff, but she could totally be picking her teeth or her face. 😉

  4. "Hanna, you're a single person" Yep, I still sad about this…

  5. Never turn your back on a person holding a frying pan.

    1. "Remember when Octopus Pie started doing color?" "Oh yeah, and then Hanna almost immediately beat Eve to death with a frying pan?" "Yeah. The colors were real vibrant on that one." "Good times, man."

    2. Commodore Biggles

      And cast iron, at that.

  6. Everyone seems so different in colour

    by the way, love the new color

  8. First-panel Eve! Just the best. I relate so hard. Lamenting about exercise while stuffing my face with unidentifiable food-objects.

  9. Colors in this one are my favorite yet!

  10. …crossfit…really…Eve

    and really single people can just do whatever they want? just go to random parties and do whatever they want? no one told me

  11. Crossfit. Good joke.

    1. ….what?

      1. Half the people at a crossfit gym don’t know what they’re doing. The other half are following them.

        1. Oh, OK.

  12. HAHAHHA That first panel is priceless

  13. Well actually this one kind of hit home for me. Sigh. I miss having glue.

  14. Physically it makes sense for Chris to be into crossfit (them abs tho http://www.octopuspie.com/2008-06-20/159-needed), but DAMN do I wish that out of Eve's auxiliary friends, Greg had been the one to go all-in on a Crossfit Transformation.

  15. the wisdom bitch is strong here

  16. That first panel is destined to be an internet comment image for a long time.

  17. Ever since camping, when Marek revealed that everyone's just kind of faking it til they make it, Eve's journey of self-awareness and self-individuation has really taken off. it's kind of weird for introvert Eve to tell extrovert Hanna, but then again, thinking back to when this comic started and the kind of person that I used to be then, it's not too surprising for this kind of turnaround.

  18. The first panel kinda startled me. In that blueish, dark room, Eve looks kind of like Marcelline's (sp?) Dad, in the "Adventure Time" show. There's a startling mix of images! 🙂

    1. I think it's spelled Marceline, her dad is named Hunson Abadeer for some reason, and Eve is actually Marceline's cousin, remember that early story arc about how Eve doesn't want to use her half-demon template powers unless she really has to? Ahem. Wokka wokka.

      1. Heh, heh, heh! Ohhh wow! If Eve has secret demon powers, that will certainly change the plot of the comic!
        If Eve is a half-demon- if she gets really mad, she might give herself Incredible-Hulk-powers, and knock down New York City. Good luck, Octopus Pie's Characters. Also, hanks for the laugh, Josh.

  19. woahhhh what you did with the colour in the fourth panel is gnarly amazing. it looks legit. It's two figures moving from a dark room into a bright room, and you managed to make it look natural and …accurate. Its one of those simple-looking things that is actually hard to do even in grayscale! But you did it in colour and it seriously is so cool I keep scrolling up to look at it.

  20. I'm sure you've heard this before , but the colouring looks great.

  21. I love the focus on the Eve-Hannah friendship. Makes me happy 🙂

  22. I'm just happy we might be seeing Jane again.

  23. I love the kitchen scenes in this update.

  24. I don't like the colors in the comics before this one, but I love them here.

  25. Meredith Gran, I must have said this already but I just love how you make everything seem easy to draw. That's some crazy drawing skills ^^

  26. I continue to be fascinated by the complete role-reversal of Eve and Hanna from where they were at the beginning of the strip. Eve is happy and outgoing and loving life, it seems, while Hanna is now sullen and withdrawn. It's a great bit of character work.

  27. Hannah should take butt lessons from panel-four Eve.

    Well done, Ning!

  28. I'm thinking I'll be sad when the comic goes back to black and white…

  29. It occurs to me: This is not the first comic that has Eve speaking her first line with her mouth full.

  30. Not healthy or absolute advice Eve. Sometimes we need other people to feel more comfortable, but then we wouldn’t have drama. Eve was only able to meet Will because of Hanna. It would have been nice is there was some kind of reciprocation, but Eve is not really doing well networking wise either.

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