#721 – my snatch

53 thoughts on “#721 – my snatch

  1. I like to think Hanna just thinks snatch means vagina and any technical term has gone over her head.

    1. if this is true then i am in exactly the same boat

    2. Oh man…That was a technical term. I'm a dum-dum.

    3. Yes, I also like to think that the joke is the exact joke that was just made.

    4. I too understood the joke.

    5. Similarly, I like to think Chris is too focused on the technical terms and any double-entendres have gone over HIS head.

    6. I'm not joking here, is that an actual technical term? I thought he was just being super weird flirty.

    7. Technical term? You mean there's a meaning to "snatch" other than… well, snatch?

  2. Oh god. I've never not been single my entire adult life either! What a predicament.

  3. oh god do not tell me that they are about to stop being single in immediate proximity to each other

    1. Woah, I got downvoted.
      Looks like SOMEBODY ships Hannah/Greg, huh. Talk about obscure ships.
      "Hannreg"? "Grannah"?

      1. Hreggah

        1. The pair named,Hreggah. Hreggah, who made the 1990s Kid's TV show: HAllegra's Window. 🙂

      2. Hnrg. It gets no vowels.

        1. Hey, that's the sound people make at the gym! Ship confirmed!

        2. It doesn't deserve vowels.

  4. Confused by ass and snatch.

  5. 'In your snatch fits pleasure, broom-shaped pleasure'

  6. Is Greg hitting on Hanna?

  7. Lol, weight lifting jokes.

  8. This crossfit-related storyline is bringing out the weirdos…

  9. I like this Hanna so far.

  10. i think the strip where he is looking at his phone while talking to her was to bring home the point and the joke that he is in no way hitting on her//

  11. So much nervous laughter. This is the most awkward of gyms.

  12. I hope this culminates with someone calling someone else "a real clean and jerk."

    1. I think a Drew Carey improv show said: "there's nothing worse than an "unclean snatch", if you know what I mean".

    2. legitimate techniques? in a crossfit gym?!?!??!

  13. Seriously, it's good to find a friend like that. Well, in most cases, it is. Good to find a friend to which you can say: I like you. I also like you because we have no chance of dating each other, at all.

  14. Anvil hoisting sounds dangerous enough WITH a spotter.

  15. Sooo what the hell is a snatch if it's not a vagina..???

    1. Snatch, clean, and jerk.


    2. Thank you for offering up an actual helpful explanation.

    3. OOOOoooooh! I thought he was…oh okay! I don't think Hanna got it either then…

  16. A snatch is a type of Olympic power lifting you silly billies!

    1. No! I could have sworn they were talking about an English movie where Brad Pitt plays a pykie.

      1. D'ya like dags?

        1. Dags?

  17. I like how Hannah’s weights are like- donut sized. Haha.

    1. I think it's just the collar on an olympic bar. Poor Hannah ain't got no weights

    2. The bar usually weighs 45 pounds by itself. Always a good idea to start lightish before you've got the form down!

      1. Really, 45lbs is probably too heavy for someone of her size to start with if she's never lifted before.

      2. That's clearly one of the lighter 12.5 kg bars. 🙂
        And it's normal to practice (and even to warm up once you've learned the technique) with just the bar and no weights.
        Lot of fitness trivia being thrown about in this comment thread!

    3. Well, you want to practice good technique before you put on any amount of weight that could possibly lead to an injury. When I was just starting out in a middle school weight class, they made us begin by lifting broomsticks.

  18. I like that Greg has that haircut every dude losing his hair that doesn't want to admit it has.

  19. I bet this is the kind of gym that doesn't even have a television to help alleviate the boredom and awkwardness of grunting next to sweaty bros.

  20. If he IS hitting on her, it's clear Chris is not a very cunning linguist.

  21. I just started crossfit last week. This comic is balm to my soul. I need someone to apply the balm to my arms because they don't work at the moment.

  22. I bet Greg has been perfecting his snatch, too.

  23. I hope his shirt says "F*ck Yoga" lol

  24. Sweet 'Fuck Yoga' shirt on Greg, gotta enforce sports/fitness hierarchy. Fuck Ultimate!

  25. It's all the snatch puns I've ever dreamed of. ::sniffle:: it's beautiful.

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