#707 – powering down

Back from SPX... and guess what! Octopus Pie won an IGNATZ AWARD! I've been going to SPX since 2005 when I was a tiny baby, and it really meant a lot to take home this little brick! Thanks to everyone at the show who voted for me! The full list of nominees and winners is here.

39 thoughts on “#707 – powering down


  2. Hannah needs one of those backup charger packs, never let a low battery interfere with your public lonely-browsing ever again!

    Also, holy hell, congrats on the Ignatz, Meredith! Brownout Biscuit deserved the shit out of that.

    1. My preference is carrying a spare battery. True, you have to shut down to switch, and you can't recharge them both at once without extra hardware, but on the other hand they're quite cheap and they fit in a single card slot in your wallet.

      (May not be possible on fruit-flavored phones)

      (This thread is now about phone accessories)

  3. Is the mighty coconut about to bestow more wisdom?

  4. Yes, go to the eggs Hannah! SHAKE AND BAKE, HANNAH!

  5. Oh WOW, congratulations on the award! 😀 That's just grand!!

  6. Meredith Gran won an Ignatz Award! Yay! Hoorray!

  7. Either they're Florida avocados or ostrich eggs. Somebody do something with Florida avocados and ostrich eggs?

    1. Avocado omelettes, coming up!

  8. You guys. YOU GUYS. the patreon thing is like $60 dollars away from its goal. If like, 30 more people added 1 more dollar, we can see Hanna hit rock bottom in COLOR.

    1. Uhhh… I think you meant 60 people, or 2 more dollars. Anyone with a pledge is already counted in the Patreon.

  9. CONGRATS ON WINNING THE BRICK!! WOOOHOOOOO! but seriously you deserve it.

  10. Congradulashuns on yer Ignatz, Merrydit! You are the bezt! OP is the bezt!


    1. —- <3

  11. And then that dog shows up and pees all over the eggs!

  12. Hanna is such a long way from her “be the duck” past. I hope this leads to it.

    1. So you're saying she should lay an egg.

      I agree!

  13. Ignatz Eve, so absolutely adorable I think I will just die right now. *v*

  14. #egg

    So what do you do with an ignatz? Is using it for a door stop disrespectful?

    1. I think the traditional thing is to chuck it at the head of your lovehate interest.

  15. Hey, show us a pic of you holding the prize, Mer! Congratulations!!!

  16. Giant duck eggs?

  17. Yes. Yes, hatch chickens. Incubate the eggs hannah. I am doing that right now and nothing is more distracting than hatching a bunch of fucking eggs. …or idk buy some eggs and bake with them that is probably more reasonable


  18. Hanna isn't turning into me, she IS me (with boobs, and blonde hair, and skinny, and with a cellphone that says things like "beep boop" and "powering down")

  19. and then the eggs hatch into a duck. O:

  20. This isn't going to turn out well, is it? I suspect Hanna is about to take her frustrations from the digital realm to the physical with a good ol' egging.

  21. I'm just saying, it's pretty funny that on those Hannah comics, all the ads I'm getting are women with abs or women with babies.

    That being out of my head, Hannah seems to be pretty much in the same place as me in her life. Need. Focus. On. Anything.

  22. Hey is it just me or is Hannah looking a little less thin lately? I've been suckling on the idea that maybe she's pregnant since that whole chapter where Eve has that dream with all the muffins? I thought maybe it was like a play on "buns in the oven".

    1. Would be an interesting twist, but I think it’s just the ever-evolving art style.

  23. Very well done, Ms. Gran! Recognition from ones peers is a pretty sweet fruit, indeed.

  24. Ha ha! Stupid eggs! Sitting there all white and shiny, acting like they're NOT going to become part of a tasty omelet, like a bunch of IDIOTS. You know what? I actually feel sorry for them.

  25. Will fresh farmer's market produce and eggs serve as the joint catalyst Hannah needs to break out of her willfully horrible slump? Tune in next time to find out!

  26. Congrats on the Ignatz! (Hey, that rhymes!) I was at SPX on Sunday, but somehow missed your table. Glad you had a good con!

  27. is she Tindering in the first few panels?

  28. God I'm so in her mode right now.

  29. ohhhhhhhhhhh god this looks exactly like me and it's making me REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE.

  30. Wow… It really is a brick. I’m literally a decade late but still, congrats on the award! That’s super cool. Definitely well-deserved.

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