#706 – queens college (is the only text on this page)

All right folks, I'm off to Small Press Expo! I'll be there all weekend at table C9B. I'm very hopeful that I'll have a new SPX-exclusive mini comic! But I'm assembling it at the last minute so I don't have any pics. Check Twitter or Tumblr updates for that!

42 thoughts on “#706 – queens college (is the only text on this page)

  1. Oh man tell me this is the story where Hanna becomes a relentless gym addict…

    1. I did know a martial arts guy/man who said that the best high that he found, was from the endorphins you get, from doing giant amounts of exercise. Yeah! Maybe Hanna will become a gym addict.

  2. My alma mater represented by a weird old man in octopus pie! IT FEELS WIERD

    1. AWESOME weird!!

    2. I got excited and thought it was my hometown university and then realized that this is New York and that says "college".

      1. Canadian? I always have to explain that Queen's University is NOT anywhere near the borough…

    3. SAME!!!!!!!
      Thanks MER!!!

  3. I know that look. I know that walk. That journey you have to take when you know you need to apologize, even though doing so is a complete affront to your youth-filled pride.

    Travel on Hanna. Travel on.

    1. Who does she need to apologize to?

      1. Marigold, though I disagree with Chris above. I don't think she's about to go do that at all. That is a look of "ugh", not "ugh I gotta apologize."

        Obviously this is leading up to full nuclear meltdown instead. Hanna will see Marigold training… with Marek!*

        *(no, no she probably wont)

        1. Ahhh, OK. Thanks! It hadn't occurred to me that she would *ever* apologize to Marigold, so I didn't think of the obvious.

        2. Yeah, it seems like more of an "I am actively working on reasons to judge everyone who falls before my vision" look.

    2. And Hanna is singing to herself:

      “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk/ I’m a “guys” woman, no time to talk/ Music loud and men warm/

      I’ve been kicked around since I was born.”

      [My apologies to The Bee Gees]. 🙂

      1. fuck yes.

        1. Cool. Thanks! 😀

    3. I dunno man, I think she might be about to do something t r e m e n d o u s l y embarrassing. Embarassing in the vicious pitiful child way, I mean; something you'd look back on with shame for the rest of your life. One of THOSE things.

      You could be right! I guess it depends on whether you think she's hit bottom yet. Me, I'm ALWAYS optimistic that one can sink lower. ♥?

  4. Oh no. Is she about to get physical? Physical?

    1. (cue Madonna)

      1. (cue Olivia Newton-John)

      2. I think you mean Olivia Newton-John, hon.

  5. Well, she wasn't lying when she said 100 billion people did it.

  6. I've thought of taking up tai chi. Not just for the health benefits, but I'm amused at the thought of weirding out other people.

  7. Hannah don't you know that exercise is the ultimate high

    1. Or maybe we’ll find out that when Eve was busy being the best little ice skater in the world, that Hannah was the fastest thing to run on two legs before something stopped it all.

      1. I'm reading this more like Hannah is reaching that stage in life where more and more of her friends are settling into their conventional careers + breaking out of college habits, and for the first time, her own career and lifestyle doesn't make her feel cool yet in control — it makes her feel immature and alone.

    2. Oops I spelled Hanna wrong. Sorry Hanna.

  8. I am glad that Hanna is going for a walk. Nothing like a good walk to clear the mind! It is also good to see that she is not obsessively using a smartphone to hatestalk people on Facebook during her walk.

  9. I kinda hope Hanna ends up on a kung fu adventure.

    That's probably just me, though.

    1. Yeah, that would be cool! Maybe Hanna, and Eve, + Eve’s spy-guy friends could take on the world, in an adventure, like Eve’s story of, “An Itch You Can’t Scratch”, or something.

      1. Oops. The word, An, is not in that title. My bad. 🙂

  10. One of the prevailing symptoms of depression is negativity. This is depression.

  11. i think shes gettin that bitterness and depression that comes from seeing everyone else achieving stuff an youre just…trucking on. defensively callin them weirdos and fakes and sheep because what else can ydo, yknow?

    1. I think it's even a little worse then that: she had some of that long before this. The whole counter-culture lifestyle. And it worked for her, and she was happy! Now not only are the schmucks still out and about, now they are out and about and (seemingly) HAPPIER THEN HER.

  12. My favorite place in Brooklyn to go when I need to walk and think.

    1. And not look at facebook.

  13. First, the contempt. Then, the angst. Finally, she'll start a tetherball league.

  14. I'm equally weirded out by both Hanna and commenters here who seem to think that being physically active is something that only squares do.

  15. Your Tai Chi is encroaching on my Chai Tea.

  16. Hannah is becoming Nemi. Well, Nemi when she was hating on people for ding their thing anyway.

  17. Hey Hanna, you'll be alright. look @ the sky and puff on. Ignore all those people being all healthy and shit. You're beautiful and time will pass, and things will get better.

    I feel like Hanna is me three months ago. Almost. Except my Marek was a piece of shit.

  18. I really do get the sense that, looking back, that happy-go-lucky stoner characterization of Hannah that we all basically grew to like arc after arc, year after year, was actually just the product of self-medication. It was never really the "real" Hannah. When depression first hits you, it's not just one thing that does it, like "boom, here it is." That one thing that triggers it drags up all the other sewage you've been repressing for years: the insecurities, the old wounds getting ripped open, the anxieties, inadequacies, everything, and it hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. Marek leaving was just the proverbial last straw – her biggest foundation getting knocked out from under her wasn't just the trigger, it also blew the lid open on everything that she hid from herself, her friends, and by extension, the reader. In a way, she treats everything like a drug – her relationships, her stay-at-home business, her hobbies, everything is geared towards keeping her life as insular as possible, because at the end of the day, she's a scared, girl with resentment issues. Anything that pokes a hole in that bubble scares her shitless. Her superiority complex essentially stems from a fear of losing control of her environment. Her relationship with Marek in many ways was at the center of it: a docile guy without a single mean bone in his body is essentially the kind of person Hannah wanted at the center of her life, because it meant a relationship without any kind of motion: just stillness. And then, she takes up running because she can't get that sense of nothing any other way.

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