#708 – biff

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  1. do you ever have those days where you hate so much your head is on fire?
    i do.
    i heard its part of the high school experience though… B(

  2. hmmm. Eggs … babies.

    side note: are those duck eggs?

    1. They're Farm Fresh Assorted Bird Eggs.

    2. No, they're DUCK! eggs. But she didn't.

  3. Oh hey, this is where Hanna meets Biff.

  4. Oh no. Ducks. Anything but ducks.

    1. that art style change tho ;A;

      1. Wow! It's not just the art style that changed. The culture of the characters and the world they lived in, the trends of the times, their maturity, their focus and concerns, all of that changed as well. It's weird how looking back only a few years ago can seem so different.

        I guess that's the ultimate story of Octopus Pie: Young people suddenly realising that they are now the adults. There was no benchmark, no hurdle, no finish line, no trumpets heralding the change. Just one day you look around and you're not a college brat any more.

    2. Hey, anyone with a penchant for nature can get their ass some ducks.

  5. Be as the duck, Hanna. The duck seeks only bread.

  6. Make like an egg and…

    Get the duck outta here.

    Beat it.



    *something about fertilization*

    Get laid…?

    1. looks like your pun potential was just…WHISKED away

  7. Hannah's ready to cook an omelette over her hate-flames.

  8. parkdidnothingwrong

    Marek and I are gonna have a duck farm someday.

  9. Oof, indeed. Hope that didn't exacerbate the old tailbone injury.

    Also, why the hell is a 5k running through a farmer's market?

  10. I hope his name is Biff. Buff Biff.

    1. Big McLargeHuge

      1. Slab Crunchfist!

        1. Dirk HardPec

        2. Bob Johnson! Oh wait…

  11. Oh god. It's gonna be homicide by egging.

  12. OH NO SHE'S THINKING ABOUT THE DUCK FARM!!! http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-08-22/037-duck-far… :'(

    Biff, you are SO DEAD you have NO idea.

    1. Oh man I forgot this even happened! I need to re-read the whole comic.

  13. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh!

    Oh my gosh! This might get nasty. I think Hannah knocked someone down, with her punches, at a valentines-day-bachellor auction.

    Maybe hannah is going to totally deck this guy! Ha!

    1. …or possibly hate-__ck him?

      I can't be the only one thinking it.

      1. I didn't ship it but now I do. They will be together forever, raising ducks, and, surprisingly, making babies! Only somehow all of Hannah's baby's are also ducks.

        It's just the most adorable duck-infused romance of all time.

  14. There are so many possibilities right now.

  15. No way guys, future love interest! Biffah. Hanniff. Oh yeah, Hanniff.

  16. The more Hanna's misery drags on, the more sure I am Hanna was like this since before she met Marek. He's a living example of how you can be happier by not trying not to be a judgemental ball of hate, but she only ran along and didn't actually learn how to be like that herself (perhaps she didn't realize that was a big part of what made her happy with him around, or perhaps she thought Marek being Marek comes naturally to him; we only learned it doesn't since that eye-opening talk he had with Eve), so as soon as he's gone she just snaps back to coping with her pain by lashing out at everything. Really interested to see whether she'll perhaps eventually pick that lesson up from Eve or perhaps figure it out on her own, thinking back of duck farms.

    1. Agreed. It's interesting to see how the tables between Eve and Hannah have visibly turned since the beginning of the series.

  17. Enter: Hanna's new love interest. (am I the only one thinking about this possibility?)

    1. Eeeya! I hope not. I can't see Hanna with a jogger. With somebody who chases ducks, yes. But not with somebody who just runs for no good reason.

    2. noo i believe that could happen.. only, knowing how emotionally distant hanna is right now, it'll be a loong process or her bark will scare him off

  18. How did Hanna meet Marek? Will we ever get a backstory?

  19. Looks like Hanna's gonna get her eggs jostled…

  20. Congrats on making the milestone!

  21. It occurs to me that his name may not actually be Biff; it's probably just a sound effect Meredith chose because it's funny. Man, are we ever gonna be embarrassed when his name turns out to be Dan or Steve or Ptolemy or something like that.

    1. But in our hearts and minds, he will always be Biff.

  22. Hey everyone Hey. Meredith made $2,400/month on her patreon. Hey-O

    1. "Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?"

      We can now!

  23. I am so excited to see to this comic in color! 😀

  24. just noticed that if you look at hanna's eyes in panel 5 there's a slight tear in the corner. she was about to start crying over the duck before biff brought her back to her normal furious state. poor thing. 🙁

    1. That might just be from getting elbowed in the gut.

  25. Hanna's face in panel 1 though. Dat face. 🙁


    Idk if she needs to destroy someone right now, or just to actually give up and let herself sob.

  26. wowwww, I've missed this I can't believe how many years I've been reading this now, I have like weird nostalgia about it now :'/


    Now I just have to wait like the rest of you guys.

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