#656 – that’s too bad

Foam mattresses are pretty much the standard now, yes? I think it still had a sheen of novelty in the early '10s to get a vacuum-sealed mattress in the mail. I'm happy with any opportunity I took to show Eve trying to be funny on purpose. Hanna doesn't laugh at Eve because she's clever.

3 thoughts on “#656 – that’s too bad

  1. When did eve put shoes on during this conversation

  2. I know I'm posting months after this was reposted, but there's no comments and I don't like that, because I have made this joke almost every time I buy a new mattress, with different friends, and they never laugh, but I always laugh.

    Anyway, love this stupid fuckin joke

  3. My favorite joke in nine (way too many) seasons (that I watched way too many times) of How I Met Your Mother is when Robin is asked to think of the funniest thing she can possibly imagine, and then double it. And she says "So a monkey wearing two suits". And like a minute later she starts giggling to herself going "what, he forgot he put the first one on?" or something.

    I love people laughing at their own jokes. Especially when everyone else actively ignores them and/or hates the joke. Powerful scene for Eve here.

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