#655 – guess you don’t know me

This is a bit of a fantasy angle, I guess - Hanna can't get high anymore. But it describes the problem. As Lana Del Rey sings in her latest album, "So I moved to California, but it's just a state of mind / It turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself, that's not a lie". This is Hanna's central conflict from here on out.

5 thoughts on “#655 – guess you don’t know me

  1. New Year’s Eve, indeed. I’m as tired as a regular Hanna.

  2. "Something in me couldn't be sustained" is such a powerful phrase. It stuck with me hard enough the first time you posted this page that I felt the reverberations rereading it now.

  3. Well that explains a lot (and was even foreshadowed). I guess diving into that animated painting ended her. What could top that? And without getting high Hanna has no meaning left in her life at all.

    (Also, panel 3 hee)

  4. “Eve, this is your mother. I’m going to need that American Flag backdrop returned in time for the book club.”

  5. It’s less of a fantasy angle than you’d think, maintaining a constant high for years skyrockets your tolerance and can also just fundamentally change the experience. The euphoria phase gets more fleeting and the brain fog and slowness start replacing the bursts of creativity. (plus it deteriorates your sleep! I think it’s a funny coincidence eve is the one having crazy dreams at this point in the comic when hanna would probably also be experiencing rem rebound) Considering weed takes at least a month to work out of your system and hanna mentions moderation in passing its possible she didnt stop long enough to notice a tolerance drop. Or shes become so unfamiliar with the feeling of sobriety that being high after years of high tolerance during a time of severe depression feels indistinguishable. Her hating her baking also tracks, your appetite goes to shit without weed if you become a daily user. Either way its sad to see her crutch kicked out from under her at the worst possible moment. The slow descent of the manic pixie

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