#589 – back 2 reality

This concludes the collab pages with Lacey Micallef! Hope you enjoyed them, 'cause they were a total blast to make. If you haven't check out Lacey's work, you really oughtta. Not only is she a talented designer and a maker of fabulous merch and a downright hilarious person; she is also a total pro and very easy to work with. So CHECK HER OUT ALREADY, GEEZ!!! Now that the animated sequence has concluded the comic will be updating a bit more frequently again! Check back in a coupla days.

39 thoughts on “#589 – back 2 reality

  1. She gonna get in trouble

  2. I mean, I figured this was the case… But, uh, shouldn't she be arrested or something now?


  4. Aww…and here I was hoping this would lead up to the announcement of a spin-off comic, following Hannah's real adventures in this strange new landscape. In any case, great arc and really neat collaboration!

  5. Awww. Poor Hanna. I wonder how expensive that painting'll be…..

    1. They actually keep a bunch of copies in the back room. You didn't think this was the first time this happened, did you?

  6. Oh no.

  7. I hope that wasn't actually an Yves Klein like some readers guessed… do you pay for it if you break at MOMA?

    1. "It attacked me!"


  9. …and there you have it :c Man, don't they have any security guards at those places??

  10. I giggled out loud when I got to that final panel. Fantastic! You and Lacey did a great job on this chapter.

  11. that made me "OMG!" out loud… hanna!!!

  12. Ha ha ha!

    Ohhh S__T!

    I hope that painting was cheap.

    Best of luck, Hanna!

  13. This is gonna end up being the worst day off ever. Or maybe the best. I doubt its just gonna be a so-so.

  14. OH NO OH NO


    1. Hahaha, maybe! XD

  15. I can't wait for the next 3 years of Hanna paying off the museum.

    1. Only three years? Phew, that's a relief.

      (Well, it's actually a painting, but I mean I'm relieved it'll only be three years. I'd have expected more like ten)

  16. Back to the here and now, yeah.

  17. This just made me the happiest.

  18. A bag of psychedelic dicks.

  19. Oh god! Tears~ Ahaha!

    I was not expecting that, I have to be honest. But truly brilliant.
    I'm going to assume the stuff kicked in finally, well, that was evident from the previous pages, in any case … she's surely going to get in trouble?

  20. Amsterdam is just like this, except there are way more people with paintings on their faces.

  21. And now I'm hearing The Doors while reading this.

  22. Wow! She's ended up in the Guggenheim!

  23. On second thought, I don't want what she smoked…

    1. Yeah, I think I'll pass too :c

    2. Amen, that stuff looks a little strong for me.

  24. LOL YESS
    I FRIKKEN KNEW IT!! Hanna you crazy oddball you!!

  25. I knew it!!! LOL!!

  26. The poor painting!


  27. Good job, you frigging hippie.

  28. To answer the question on why she hasn't been arrested yet, I think these last few comics have lasted (in her time) only a few seconds

  29. Oh gosh, I knew it, now she's gonna get banned for life or something lol

  30. lmao, tfw you get into a webcomic grow deeply attached to it only to find out there's an arc long collab with your favorite clothing designer

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