#590 – huh

47 thoughts on “#590 – huh

  1. That's sort of how I acted when I was a kid when I broke something. I still do it.

    "Maybe if I leave it on the floor no one will notice…"

  2. And there were no repercussions at all!

  3. Who wouldn't run?

    p.s. I love that little lean-back thing Hanna's doing in the last panel, like she's already trying to distance herself from what happened.

    1. I also love her eyes, the classic O_o face…

  4. Hannah, nooo! Every Art Gallery has cameras!

  5. The "It was like that when I arrived". The perfect exit when none is possible.

  6. She got off lucky. The one time I accidentally touched a Van Gogh as a kid the security was ALL OVER ME.

    1. Yikes. Do you think your fingerprints are still on it? That could prove interesting one day…

    2. I touched a museum painting when I was a kid, too! Not accidentally, though… -_-

  7. Welp, I'm pretty sure it was just an Yves Klein anyway.

  8. She's just made it go from Modern to Post-Modern.

  9. Quick, find a banana peel to blame this on.

  10. I'm a bit surprised that the painting wasn't alarmed…(well, I suppose it might not have had time to be frightened)

  11. doesn't the place have security cams? I hope this turns into hannah's face being on wanted signs all over.

  12. Oh no! She forgot her coat!


  13. o o

  14. Here's hoping that when they look at the tapes they'll see EXACTLY what Hannah saw.
    Or a mysterious blur.

  15. Man, the museum is empty today.
    You know I've read waaay too many webcomics when I imagine Millie stuck in sarcophagus in the next room.

  16. I didn't do it.

  17. Put it back, everyone will think it's supposed to be that way!

  18. this page is making me laugh so much particularly the way the painting is all busted up and lying on the ground

  19. That 5th panel face…

    Oh, she was always great, but Hannah is now the official best.

  20. As a former gallery attendant, I would just like to say AHHHHHHHH!


  22. awesome.

  23. You guys. You guys seriously. I'm am freaking right out over how perfect Hannah's hands are in panel 3. Seriously you guys. They're perfect. I just keep looking at them.

    1. holy crap youre right

    2. Oh my god they are perfect!

  24. She has finally captured the spirit of her childhood, cuz she's in troubllllllllllllllllle.

  25. I really, really like the way you drew the hands in panel 3. I dunno why.

  26. Hannah's only mistake was being sober at the beginning. Otherwise this lil' episode need never have resulted in the death of a Klein.

  27. Oh, Hannah. I hope Marek visits you in prison.

  28. TheBugEyedMan-Fan

    I love you <3

  29. That's a pretty quick comedown.

  30. lifeisfragileblahblahblah

    Of course, now the comment she made about the nineties makes more sense: http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-01-22/573-babies-g

    1. Holy smokes, you're completely right. I can't believe I forgot about that.

  31. A lesson is learned, but the damage is irreversible.

    1. I agree with half that statement.

  32. The best…simply the best. aaaaaaaaathis one deserves a "Tub of favorite Ice Cream" award for creative excellence!

  33. phew. I already saw a storyline about her being in jail.

  34. I love how she’s stumbling around laughing to herself in the first panel. Keeps cracking me up. Plus the expression as she looks down in Panel 5 to examine the art she’s stepped through is a bit reminiscent of Kate Beaton’s dumb horse, so that’s a plus.

  35. Next comic prediction:
    Hannah skips town.

  36. Don't worry everyone, it was a Meridith Gran.

  37. thistemporarylifeblog

    I'm so disappointed that nobody commented on the Weeknd reference in the alt-text.

  38. HamsterNamedMitch

    It appears you have broken this painting. The most rational and mature decision would be to leave it on the ground and casually run away from you pot brownie induced crime.

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